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Gaming guides, news, reviews, features, interviews, opinions, lists & more. Press SPACE to Jump is a worker-run collective of passionate game journalists.

Press SPACE to Jump Staff

Radiant G (he/him)
Site Lead – Editor – Social Media Manager – Writer

Tai Hofmann (he/him)
Writing Lead – Editor – Writer

Kristi Jimenez (she/her)
Editorial Lead – Editor – Writer

Kendal Mitchell (he/him)
Backend Lead – Web Developer – Writer

Taylor Hicklen (he/him)
Community Lead – Writer

Jared O’Neill (he/him)
SEO Manager – Writer

Sam Greszes (he/him)
Social Media Manager – Writer

Yash Pandey (he/him)
Web Developer – Writer

Fydar (they/them)
Web Developer

Writers and Bylines

Anna Koselke (she/her)
Jesse Roar (they/them)
Mason Moses (he/him)
Peter M.J. Gross (he/him)
Rina Abbott (they/them)
Steph Roehler (she/they/he)

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