How Good is it? Bear and Breakfast

Embark and an adorable bear building sim with Bear and Breakfast.

Bear and Breakfast is an adorable simulation game from Gummy Cat Studios. With the title finally hitting storefronts, is it an indie worth investing some time into, or does this building epic fall flat?

The Gummy Cat Studios title is, thankfully, far from disappointing. Bear and Breakfast has seen Strong review scores from critics, with the OpenCritic average sitting at 82%. Most critics recommend this title, applauding the mechanics and premise. In addition to critical praise, early Steam reviews are also positive, sitting at a 9.0 average.

Opencritic Bear and Breakfast score
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

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Standout Bear and Breakfast Reviews

Bear and Breakfast gameplay image
Image via Armor Games Studios

Take control of an anthropomorphic bear name Hank on his quest to create the best Bed and Breakfast the forest has ever seen. This endearing title is a relaxing way to spend your day, with reviews highlighting a ‘wholesome’ story. Though the game has a few rough edges, including the interface, players will undoubtedly have a fun time with the management sim. Most review roundup sites aren’t done compiling scores yet, but we did the homework, so you don’t have to!

Bear and Breakfast is available now on Steam for $19.99, with a Nintendo Switch version coming out later this summer. To see the launch trailer for Bear and Breakfast, check out the video below:

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