How Good Is It? Fire Emblem Engage

Nintendo's famous strategy series is back with another great entry.

Strategy game fans rejoice! The latest entry of the Fire Emblem franchise is finally here. Nintendo Switch brings Fire Emblem Engage to the hybrid console to satiate fans of this long-running series. But how does Engage stack up against critics? Time to find out.

Fire Emblem Engage has excellent reviews from critics thus far. Currently, the Nintendo exclusive sits at a Strong rating with a Top Critic Average of 83 on OpenCritic. What’s more, 88% of critics recommend this title for purchase. With 55 reviews cataloged on the aggregate review site, the future is bright for Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage critic score strong
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While Engage is doing well, the previous entry in the Fire Emblem series, Three Houses, still sits atop the latest entry, with a Mighty rating and a Top Critic Average of 89 on OpenCritic. A staggering 95% of reviewers recommended Three Houses for purchase, citing its enthralling story and incredible characters.

Fire Emblem Three Houses top crtic scores
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Standout Fire Emblem Engage Reviews

Fire Emblem Engage reviews marth summon
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The reviews for Fire Emblem Engage give solid scores, mentioning the traditional Fire Emblem combat with a focus on improved gameplay features. Visuals are also a point of praise in many reviews, with a polished, stylized look that keeps character models looking fantastic. Unfortunately, because the story of Fire Emblem Engage doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor, it scored lower. Nevertheless, Engage is an excellent turn-based strategy game worth a purchase for those who value gameplay over narratives.

Despite a weaker story, Engage will surely grab new and old fans upon its release. There are more than 50 hours of content here and over 30 unique characters to recruit, level up, and bond with, all with memorable designs and motivations. There is plenty to love in this title, and if you love turn-based strategy, you’ll feel right at home with Engage.

To get a look at what you can expect with Fire Emblem Engage, be sure to see the Welcome to Somniel trailer below:

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