How Good is it? Live A Live

Looking for a solid JRPG during those dull summer months? Take a look at Live A Live!

JRPGs are a staple in the gaming industry, but not all of them make their way to the west. 1994’s Live A Live is an example of a game that never got love stateside. Thankfully, Square Enix’s classic title got a 2022 remake on the Nintendo Switch, but does this retro remake hold a candle to modern titles in the genre?

Live A Live is a solid release for the Nintendo Switch, scoring an 81 among critics on Open Critic. 80% of critics also recommend this title for purchase. While it isn’t the most impressive release of 2022, it’s sure to appease diehard fans of the JRPG genre. User scores also average an 8.0 on Metacritic, meaning most parties are pleased here.

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Standout Live A Live Reviews

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Live A Live lets players control several protagonists across different periods with their own stories and turn-based combat. Most critics agree that the core experience, graphics, and soundtrack of Live A Live are strong. Unfortunately, this remake stays so true to its roots that the issues and outdated mechanics from the original persist. Because there are several significant problems, enjoyment levels may vary.

If you’re looking for a solid JRPG romp with gorgeous retro-inspired visuals, this is a title that will tide you over during the calmer summer months. Your playthrough of Live A Live should last around 20 hours.

Live A Live is now available for Nintendo Switch for $49.99 with a free demo on the Nintendo eShop. After purchasing, you can also transfer data from the free demo to the full game to retain your progress.

To see Live A Live in action, check out the gameplay trailer below:

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