How Good Is It? Maglam Lord

In trying to please two sets of fans, Maglam Lord's design choices ended up disappointing everyone.

Maglam Lord, published by P-Qube, was released in February 2022. The main selling point for this blade-wielding demon’s story is that it offers more action than standalone visual novels and more character development than an ordinary brawler.

How good is Maglam Lord? Unfortunately, many reviewers were expecting it to be an action-packed JRPG, and their disappointment is reflected in the game’s review scores.

Maglam Lord had difficulty connecting with an audience, receiving average Metacritic ratings of 67 and 60 on Nintendo Switch and PS4. It rated just above the middle of most review scales, although it found more fans on the Switch. The game’s decidedly niche appeal received a “weak” rating from OpenCritic.

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Standout Maglam Lord Reviews

A picture of the in-game combat instructions for Maglam Lord
Screenshot by Peter Gross

Gamers who had hoped for a more in-depth action experience were left disappointed by Maglam Lord’s design tradeoffs. Simple combat controls made battles easier, but they also offered less of a challenge. The game’s action sequences were described as underwhelming, although the story was widely recognized for its creativity and sense of humor.

Maglam Lord is a niche title that speaks to the right kind of fan, but crossover titles risk disappointing both of the groups that they are trying to target. Action fans felt like Maglam Lord didn’t have enough action, and visual novel fans criticized the repetitive gameplay that interfered with the story. Our own review found that it could be a lot of fun if you set your expectations appropriately.

Maglam Lord is available for $39.99 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

You can watch the trailer for Maglam Lord below:

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