How Good is it? Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak offers an impressive expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise‘s Sunbreak expansion is finally out for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Travel to new lands with several friends and battle fierce new monsters. Though fans of the series are excited, it’s essential to know how critics see the release.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak resonates with critics. Sunbreak saw an 87 Top Critic Average on Open Critic, while 95% of critics recommended a purchase. With 23 registered reviews, it’s an imposing score. RPG fans agree this expansion is indeed worth your money. User reviews are mixed on Metacritic, however, scoring a 5.2.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Open Critic
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Standout Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Reviews

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Wyvern
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While Sunbreak has seen plenty of praise, one thing critics did highlight in their reviews was that it’s more of what made Rise famous. If you didn’t like the base game or previous Monster Hunter titles, don’t expect this expansion to reinvent the wheel. Lower scores often cited a bloated campaign dragging the score down. All in All, it’s a title that Monster Hunter fans will love.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now for Steam and Nintendo Switch, and you can grab it starting at $39.99. While all players can purchase this expansion, you’ll need to beat the base game before playing this content. Even so, the base game is well worth your time.

To see a preview of the expansion’s new features and monsters, watch the following video.

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