How Good Is It? Overwatch 2

The world doesn't always need new heroes.

Almost three years after its announcement, Overwatch 2 is here. Fans of the hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment have a revamped experience waiting for them. Was the wait for Blizzard’s anticipated title worth it, or would the world be better off without an Overwatch reinvention?

Overwatch 2 is a controversial release, with many critics giving a high average but fewer recommending the title. Overwatch 2 sits at a 78 on OpenCritic, but only 67% of critics would recommend playing the free-to-play title. Due to a launch that barred players from entry and ongoing problems with the Overwatch successor, recommendations see a noticeable dropoff. User scores are far less forgiving, averaging 1.5/10 on Metacritic. Thanks to that abysmal launch, fans are burned on the Blizzard title.

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Standout Overwatch 2 Reviews

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Reviews are varied for Overwatch 2, with some calling it a masterpiece. Those who love Overwatch 2 praise its tight gameplay and improved mechanics, while several top critics noted the lack of innovation in this sequel, making it feel more like an update to Overwatch 1. Other criticism points come from the Battle Pass’s predatory nature and microtransactions, which ask $20 per legendary skin with thousands of dollars of purchases available on day one.

How you enjoy this title depends on whether you liked the base game and if you can stomach the new free-to-play model coined by Blizzard Entertainment.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy my time with Overwatch 2 and would recommend users avoid this title for at least a few months despite the free-to-play approach. Too many technical issues, missing features, and a lack of polish sour the experience. Check out the Press SPACE to Jump Overwatch 2 Review to hear my full thoughts.

Overwatch 2 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. This title from Blizzard Entertainment is free-to-play.

To see Overwatch 2 in action, watch the Launch Trailer below.

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