How Good is it? Saints Row

Some franchises just don't cut it in 2022.

Almost a year after its official reveal, the Saints Row reboot was officially released. After nearly a decade since the last numbered release of the Saints Row franchise, series veterans eagerly awaited a reunion with the Deep Silver franchise. Is Saints Row a return to form, or is this one series better left buried?

Unfortunately, Saints Row isn’t doing well amongst critics, according to OpenCritic. Deep Silver’s 2022 title got a Weak rating, averaging 63% with 147 recorded reviews. Only 38% of reviews would recommend a purchase. User scores are abysmal as well, averaging 2.9/10 on Metacritic. Saints Row is one reboot you need to stay far away from.

Saints row open critic score weak
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Standout Saints Row Reviews

Standout Saints Row Review factions
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Reviews for Saint’s Row are highly varied, with some critics loving it while others despise the title. However, most critics found the title weaker than other open-world offerings. With outdated mechanics and dated game design, it’s a chore for those not interested in cookie-cutter open-world adventures. Bugs and glitches also bog down the experience.

Though Deep Silver put plenty of time and work into Saints Row, the franchise fails to measure up in 2022.

Saints Row is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC via EpiGames, for $59.99.

If for some reason, you’re still interested in this failure of a reboot, you can see Saints Row in action via the Story Reveal Trailer below:

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