How Good Is It? Sonic Frontiers

An ambitious title with a hit or miss reception.

Sonic is back with an ambitious new title for the current generation of consoles. Sonic Frontiers offers a new format and formula for players to explore as they journey through an unknown land. While there’s no debate that there’s never been a game like Frontiers in the Sonic franchise, does this title hit the right notes with critics and fans?

Sonic Frontiers, while ambitious, seems to be a polarizing title among critics, currently sitting at ‘Fair’ with a 74 Top Critic Average Score on OpenCritic. Only 58% of critics recommend the title for purchase, placing it in the lower bracket of 2022’s releases. User scores aren’t up yet, but we’ll update this article about a week after release with fan feedback.

Sonic Frontiers opencritic scores
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Standout Sonic Frontiers Reviews

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Though most critics agree that Sonic Frontiers is a bold step for Sonic and his anthropomorphic friends, it has some flaws. Despite several great new ideas and improvements on familiar designs, there are several missteps, including a tedious open world. Like many Sonic titles before it, Sonic Frontiers is a hit-or-miss experience.

While some critics enjoyed the risks Sonic Team took this time, others despised them. Because of the wide range of scores, we recommend checking the title’s gameplay and trailers before making your decision. If releases like Sonic Colors: Ultimate interested you, Sonic Frontiers may scratch your Sonic itch.

The Press SPACE to Jump review of Sonic Frontiers sits on the higher side of the scale, noting it’s a new high for the hedgehog.

Sonic Frontiers is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, starting at $59.99.

To see Sonic Frontiers in action, check the Showdown Trailer below:

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