How Good Is It? Sonic Superstars

A solid showing for the blue blur.

Sonic is back with another side-scrolling adventure in 2023. Sonic Superstars is the latest entry in the speedy hedgehog’s growing library of classic-inspired titles. As one of October 2023’s biggest releases, Sonic Superstars is a hot topic of discussion. Just How Good Is It? Sonic Superstars is a solid entry in Sonic’s catalog, even if it doesn’t hit the same heights as some of its predecessors.

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Sonic Superstars has a Strong OpenCritic Rating, with a 76 Top Critic Average. 67% of critics recommend the title, making it one of the more modest releases review-wise in 2023.

Sonic Superstars opencritic
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Sonic’s last 2D adventure, Sonic Mania, fared far better with an 87 Top Critic Average and an overwhelming 97% of critics recommending the title for purchase. Fan reception was also impressive, with a Metacritic User Score ranging from 83-86, depending on the platform.

Sonic Mania Opencritic score
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Standout Sonic Superstars Reviews

Sonic Superstars standout reviews
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Critics of Sonic Superstars praised its dedication to the design of 2D Sonic but saw several issues with the new mechanics introduced in the title. Some new ideas and implementations work well for Sonic Superstars, while others hold the game back from reaching greater heights. How the game scored with reviewers often depended on how willing they were to forgive these rough patches.

Sonic Superstar’s biggest detractors rebuke it for its tedious boss battles, sloppy and hectic co-op gameplay, and Chaos Emerald powers that feel at odds with the game’s design. For many, this title has much to love but plenty to hate.

Sonic Superstars is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch, launching with a $59.99 price point.

To see Sonic Superstars and its key features in action, check out the Release Date Trailer.

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