Meet Splatoon 3’s new Idols: Deep Cut

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With Splatoon 3, players have a new group of idols, Deep Cut. This trio of aquatic anarchists represents the Splatlands. Get to know the latest franchise faces before the game debuts on September 9 for Nintendo Switch.

Deep Cut: Splatlands Anarchists

Splatoon 3 Deep Cut Splatcast
Image via Nintendo

Unlike previous franchise idols, there are three faces this time: Shiver, Frye, and Big Man. Together they make Deep Cut! Deep Cut, like the idols before them, is famous on their home turf. Inkling and Octoling kids love these three. Keep up to date with the latest events, game modes, and news by listening to the Anarchy Splatcast each time you start the game.


Shiver, like her name suggests, is cool and collected. With a sleek design and calm disposition, this blue Inkling begins the boastful trio, Deep Cut. You’ll see her sitting behind a small table during Anarchy Splatcasts with papers about the latest in-game updates.


Next up is Frye! The precious sophomore member of Deep Cut is an adorable little Octoling, but don’t let her looks fool you. Frye’s full of energy and passion for the Anarchy Splatcast, so you’ll see her bouncing about on a floor pillow during the shows.

Big Man

Every squad needs a hype man! That’s where Big Man comes into play. Big Man is a giant manta ray that holds the display screen during the Splatlands Anarchist show, but you can see him cracking jokes and having a great dancing time elsewhere, like during a Splatfest!

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Deep Cut’s Three-Way Splatfests

Splatoon 3 Deep Cut Hosts Splatfest teams
Image via Nintendo

In Splatoon 3, Splatfests feature three unique options instead of two. Shiver, Frye, and Big Man all represent choices for users to select. Not only is the structure of Splatfests different, but a new event called the Tricolor Turf War appears this time around.

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War
Image via Nintendo

During this new event, players on the leading team defend the center of the map. Two members from each of the opposing teams attack and try to take the glory. It’s an exciting premise that promises to make Splatoon 3 even more enticing for fans, new and old.

To see more on Deep Cut, check the Anarchy Rainbow trailer below:

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