Shumi Come Home will steal your heart away

We love this little fungi.

Shumi Come Home was one of the PAX East games that immediately caught Radiant and I’s attention. We liked the idea of playing as a tiny mushroom that’s exploring a vast forest. When we watched the trailer, we fell in love with the game even more, and we made it our mission to play the game at PAX East, which we did. After having played the demo, we can both say with certainty that Shumi has won our hearts and that we will protect him with every fiber of our beings.

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About Shumi Come Home

Shumi Come Home, Shumi carrying a yellow flower
Image via Mooneye Studios

Shumi Come Home is an exploration game where you take control of the titular character, Shumi. While on his way home, he gets lost in a forest, and it’s your job to get Shumi home. Along the way, you’ll come across the forest’s inhabitants and complete tasks for them.

Kristi’s Thoughts

I don’t play exploration or open world games often. They’re very hard for me to get into compared to more story-rich experiences. However, when it came to Shumi Come Home, I didn’t have any difficulty getting absorbed into the game’s world. Unlike other games where I’m exploring barren lands until I find a point of interest, every inch of Shumi’s world is captivating.

The characters that inhabit the world are memorable, and that is in large part to the game’s witty dialogue. The forest itself has a lot of character to it as well, as it’s constructed with a mixture of natural landmass, trash, and hidden collectibles for you to find. I loved using Shumi’s leaf to fly around to see the rest of the area.

Overall, I really loved Shumi Come Home. The game is absolutely adorable and just hit all the right notes for me, and I can’t wait until the game comes out later this year.

Radiant’s Thoughts

Shumi Come Home is a delightful little game that will fill your soul like a bowl of warm soup. Playing as Shumi, a small mushroom creature, you must find your way home. Along the way, you’ll meet lovely little woodland friends. Throughout the game, you’ll help those in need, collect resources, and soar through the sky with Shumi’s leaf glider. The other characters in the forest have big personalities, and their dialogue is memorable. I definitely want to play more of Shumi Come Home in the future.

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Kristi Jimenez
Kristi Jimenez

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