FFXIV Each of the new Online Store items

Stand out in the crowd with these FFXIV Store items.

FFXIV regularly updates its Online Store regularly with new items, emotes, and attire for players to buy. Players get several new options in Square Enix’s most popular MMO at a time, and the Lodestone updates with each new offering.

See our Online Store Page regularly to see what new items are on sale in FFXIV. Each update has the date and year, the new items, and their price upon debut.

FFXIV New Optional Items (09/14/22)

FFXIV New Optional Items september
Image via Square Enix

Check the new items shown during the September 14 showcase and their launch prices. These prices are subject to change via sales and updates from Square Enix.

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Glamour: Fat Cat Attire

FFXIV Fat cat attire viera lalafell
Image via Square Enix
  • Price: $22.00

Like other outfits in FFIXV, players can use the Fat Cat Attire to glamour existing armor in-game. Change the appearance of your favorite gear with this full-body ensemble.

New Emote: Deride

FFXIV Emtoe Deride lalafell
Image via Square Enix
  • Price: $7.00

Map the Deride emote to your Hotbar or type in the command in the game’s chat to make your character taunt with this adorable new expression.

To see the Deride emote in action, check the video below:

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