All the latest patch notes in Overwatch 2

Heading back to the workshop for some tweaks and updates.

Overwatch 2 is the latest hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. As a live service, the title sees updates and balance changes regularly. While the game evolves, Blizzard continues to update players on the new features and tweaks.

Keep track of all the latest updates and Overwatch 2 Patch Notes here on Press SPACE to Jump! We update this page regularly as Blizzard adds new patch notes for the game on their official Overwatch 2 page.

Overwatch 2 Patch Notes: Oct. 25, 2022

Overwatch 2 coffin bastion patch oct 25
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Halloween Terror 2022

Overwatch’s yearly Halloween eventer returns to Overwatch. Take part in the next chapter of Dr. Junkensteins PvE missions: Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride. Enjoy events from seasons past, like the original Junkenstein’s revenge mission with new modifiers. Complete the event and do challenges to earn limited-time rewards. Halloween Terror 2022 runs from Oct. 25 to Nov. 9.

Making Up for Lost Time

As an apology for all the issues during the Overwatch 2 launch, Blizzard rewarded all players who play before the end of Season 1 a Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary Skin and Health Pack Weapon Charm. Double Match XP weekends are coming soon.

Bug Fixes


  • Blizzard fixed the issue where players retained 30% of their ultimate charge between rounds in Control maps.
  • Control Point maps no longer fail to transition over time.
  • Vs. screen now consistently appears during Competitive play.
  • The issue where players could not invite others to Custom Games by clicking on an empty spectator slot works properly now.
  • An issue with text chat prohibited those using a gamepad on a PC from using it is now fixed.
  • The ‘Pause Match’ option in Custom Games no longer disables other menu buttons.
  • Fixed the issue with Kill Cams not playing during Overtime.
  • Players can’t get stuck under the TS-1 during Push games anymore.
  • Controllers can scroll to select all AI now.


  • Umbrellas and tables in the forward spawns’ café modified, so it’s easier to move around.
  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck in the forward spawns’ café umbrellas.
  • Fixed some areas where players got stuck.
  • Resolved an issue with performance caused by several canisters on the map.


  • ‘Little Red’ skin and ‘Line Dance’ emote no longer perform a broken animation.
  • Bastion returns to the Overwatch 2 lineup.
  • Resolved an issue with Bastion’s Artillery Configuration where players could fire more than three charges.
  • Bastion’s weapon shouldn’t disappear when using the Artillery Configuration.
Junker Queen
  • Allies no longer deflect the Jagged Blade or return it.
  • Tanpopo skin is now available for purchase and can be equipped.
  • Kiriko’s Heroic post is no longer locked.
  • Fixed an issue with Swift Step not cleansing adverse side effects consistently.
  • Fixed the issue where Kitsune Rush wasn’t reducing the cooldown for Baptiste’s Immortality Field.
  • Bug, where Mei’s visual effects stopped playing during a match, is now fixed.
  • Resolved an issue with Mercy’s primary fire animation looping after she switched weapons.
  • Blizzard changed the placement of Reinhardt’s charms on his hammer.
  • Fixed an issue where Roadhog’s Chain Hook wouldn’t plant in targets that it should hit.
  • Roadhog’s quick melee animation now plays correctly.
  • Symmetra can no longer use her ultimate and use her teleporter at the same time.
  • Torbjörn is now available in Competitive play again.
  • Overload no longer has multiple uses.

Overwatch 2 Patch Notes: Oct. 13, 2022

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Overwatch 2 October 13 patch notes
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

During the second week of Overwatch 2, Blizzard addressed several key issues and bugs following a rocky launch. This update focused on bug fixes and made several tweaks to critical systems.

Bug Fixes


  • Blizzard fixed an issue where the Report interface wasn’t working correctly on consoles.
  • A PlayStation bug stopped players from buying Store items after a refund.
  • Blizzard fixed the issue where Legacy credits weren’t the default purchase option in the Hero Gallery.
  • Items that players couldn’t purchase in the Hero Gallery are now available.
  • Fixed Spectator Options, making them more responsive in the menu.
  • Blizzard addressed the low-resolution shop images bug on some platforms.
  • Overwatch 2 no longer appears out of focus for some users.
  • A bug where Hero Unlock Challenges weren’t updating in Total Mayhem was common but no longer appears.
  • The ‘System-Wide Malfunction’ Challenge now properly tracks.
  • Fixed the ‘Classy Flex’ and ‘Flex your Power’ Challenges not progressing when in a group.
  • Bug where some Challenges didn’t appear after the end of a game addressed.
  • A Skirmish bug removing progress on Challenges when leaving a game no longer appears.
  • A Render Scale bug where adjustments caused graphical corruption no longer appears.
  • The depth of field bug that caused it to remain active and leave the screen blurry no longer occurs.
  • Addressed a bug where camera placement was off in highlights.
  • General Stability Updates


  • Many Overwatch 2 players were ranked too low when placing, so a boost is going out to those impacted by this issue.
  • Players ranked too low due to this system could feel stuck in a rank. From now on, players should feel like climbing the ranks is possible.
  • Unranked players won’t have these issues in the future.


  • Numbani and Necropolis are now in the game’s map pools.


  • Zenyatta no longer gets extra attack speed during Kiriko’s ultimate boost.
  • ‘Yokai’ achievement now tracks correctly, previously bugged for some players.
  • Blizzard fixed a bug where Swift Step would cause players to get sent below the stage at times.


  • Fixed issue where Workshop Green Screen loaded Workshop Island instead.
  • Night Workshop maps no longer load daytime variants.

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Overwatch 2 Patch Notes: Oct. 4, 2022

Overwatch 2 launch oct 4 kiriko
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is online! After over a year of waiting, players can finally experience the hero shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. Patch Notes for Oct. 4 focus on the new modes, heroes, changes, and updates to Overwatch.

Welcome to Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 launched as a free-to-play experience for all players. Format swapped from 6v6 to 5v5 across all six modes—thirty-five unique heroes for players, each with abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Hero Updates

  • Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen join the Hero Roster.
  • Role Passives implemented for Tanks, DPS, and Support heroes.
    • Tanks: 30% less Ultimate charge generated by healing and taking damage/30% reduced knockback from enemy player attacks.
    • DPS: 25% faster movement and reload speed after an Elimination for 2.5 seconds.
    • Support: 15 HP regeneration per second when not taking damage.
  • Thousands of new voice lines with improved reactivity from heroes
    • Over 44,000 new lines of dialog
  • Revamped combat sound design for all heroes in Overwatch
  • Updated skins and visual effects for all heroes

Feature Updates

  • Accessibility Features
  • The Battle Pass joins Overwatch 2, starting with Season One
  • Updated Competitive Mode
  • Cross-Progression across all platforms
  • First Time User Experience
  • New 5v5 standard format
  • New Challenge System
  • Added Cosmetic types
    • Charms
    • Name Cards
    • Souvenirs
    • Titles
    • Mythic Skins (Cyber Genji)
  • History tab added to Profile with Game Reports
  • Overwatch Coins: New in-game premium currency
  • New Push game mode
  • Ping System
  • Overwatch Shop 2.0
  • Six new maps
    • New Queen Street
    • Circuit Royal
    • Midtown
    • Colosseo
    • Esperança
    • Paraíso
    • Daytime and Nighttime variants for existing maps
    • SMS Protect System
    • Updated Endorsement System

Delayed Features

  • OWL (Overwatch League) Hub won’t be ready in time for launch.
  • Workshop creation and editing are coming sometime after Overwatch 2 launch.

Moved Features

  • Highlights in the History tab of the Career Profile.
  • Role Queue removed for all game modes besides Quick Play – Role Queue.
  • Patch Notes moved from the Main Menu to the Pause Menu

Retired Features

  • Assault maps no longer appear in playlists
    • Still available for Custom Games
  • General Chat removed
  • Looking for Group removed
  • Loot Boxes removed
  • Player levels retired

Engineering Changes and Updates

  • 3D Audio systems added on all platforms
  • Dynamic render-scale support for PC
  • HDR added for PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5
  • Max FPS now 600 FPS

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