All 4th Anniversary Collection Event Legend Skins in Apex Legends

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It’s that time of year again where the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event comes around. This event is to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the game, and is full of cosmetic sets for different trios of Legends. The four distinct themes for this year’s Legend skins. From DJs, to superheroes, bionics and more. There are also some community created standalone skins for the event that are not within the collection itself. Let’s take a look.

4th Anniversary Collection Event Legend Skins

4th Anniversary Collection Event Collection Page Legend Skins
Screenshot by Radiant G

There are a whopping fourteen new Legend skins in the 4th Anniversary Collection Event. Twelve of the Legend skins are from the event collection, and the other two are from the Prize Tracker. Two of the skins are Epic, and 12 are Legendary.

There are no Mythic Legend skins in this event, but you can get Heirloom Shards from completing the Collection Event. The 7 Event Pack bundle in the store features the Freestyle Lifeline skin, and the 3 Event Pack bundle features the Cosmic Protector Newcastle skin.

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Bass Drop (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Bass Drop
Screenshot by Radiant G

Freestyle (Legendary Lifeline skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Surround Sound (Legendary Pathfinder skin)

Surround Sound
Screenshot by Radiant G

Cosmic Enforcer (Legendary Bangalore skin)

Cosmic Enforcer
Screenshot by Radiant G

Cosmic Phaser (Legendary Wraith skin)

Cosmic Phaser
Screenshot by Radiant G

Cosmic Protector (Legendary Newcastle skin)

Cosmic Protector
Screenshot by Radiant G

Tagged Tracker (Legendary Bloodhound skin)

Tagged Tracker
Screenshot by Radiant G

Subculture (Legendary Seer skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Technowitch (Legendary Catalyst skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Biohazard (Legendary Octane skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Biotechnic (Legendary Ash skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Biophysic (Legendary Horizon skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Static Specter (Epic Wattson skin)

Static Specter
Screenshot by Radiant G

Arctic Fusion (Epic Fuse skin)

Arctic Fusion
Screenshot by Radiant G

Event Skin Availability

The two Prize Tracker skins are only available through completing gameplay during the event and will never be brought back again. The rest of the skins are also only available for a limited time, but they may be brought back in future store sales and bundles.

The 4th Anniversary Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from February 14 until February 28.

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