All ALGS Team Shop Banner Frames in Apex Legends

Which team is your favorite?

It’s that time of year again for the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), and there is a new way to show love for your favorite teams. Team-branded Banner Frames featuring the logo and the color-scheme for some of the most well-known teams in the sphere of Apex Legends esports. The Banners located in the ALGS Team Shop which is in the Featured tab of the store (not the Specials).

Apex Legends Global Series Banner Frames

While up until this point, Banner Frames have been Legend-specific, the Banner Frames in the ALGS Team Shop are universal. This means no matter which Legend you are playing; you can equip it to show support for your favorite team in the Apex Legends Global Series.

There are five Banners in the shop per week. You can buy them in a 2,150 Apex Coin bundle with some returning Legend skins and Weapon skins, or you can buy them alone for 500 Apex Coins each.

Apex Legends Global Series Banners Week 1

ALGS Team Shop All Banner Frames
Screenshot by Radiant G

Week 1 of the ALGS Team Shop is live in Apex Legends from July 5 until July 12.

TSM ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

TSM '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

100 Thieves ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

100 Thieves '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

Crazy Raccoon ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

Crazy Raccoon '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

Cloud9 ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

Cloud9 '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

NRG ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

NRG '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

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Apex Legends Global Series Banners Week 2

ALGS Team Shop All Banner Frames Wave 2 Apex Legends
Screenshot by Radiant G

Week 1 of the ALGS Team Shop is live in Apex Legends from July 12 until July 19.

Navi ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

Navi '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

Alliance ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

Alliance '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

G2 ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

G2 '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

Complexity’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

Complexity '22
Screenshot by Radiant G

Team Liquid ’22 (Epic Universal Banner Frame)

Team Liquid '22
Screenshot by Radiant G
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