All Ballistic abilities in Apex Legends

This old-timer still got it.

The Refined Gunslinger, Ballistic, is making his way to Apex Legends on May 9. Once a showboater, Ballistic has turned over a new leaf after taking his son’s spot in the Apex Games so he doesn’t have to experience the same pain he did so many years ago. Ballistic is an Assault Legend whose abilities can help him and his team turn the tide of battle. So without further ado, let’s see what he has to offer.

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All Ballistic Abilities

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There are three abilities in Ballistic’s kit.

Ultimate: Tempest

Activating this ability will give Ballistic and his teammates quicker reload speed, faster unarmed movement speed, and infinite ammo. Additionally, Ballistic’s sling weapon will automatically be equipped and upgraded to gold.

Tactical: Whistler

Ballistic shoots a projectile that overheats an enemy’s gun whenever they shoot, causing damage. Additionally, players can hold down on the Tactical button to lock-on to their desired target.

Passive: Sling

Gives Ballistic the ability to store a third weapon. You can access this weapon through your inventory or the Character Utility Action. You can’t put any attachments on this weapon.

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