All drag piece Tags in RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar

Chic, Fantasy, Pop, Eleganza, and more.

Getting together your wardrobe in RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar can be a lot of fun, but it is important to note that there is strategy involved too. Every item in the game, from Common drag pieces, all the way up to Legendary one, has one or more Tags. Tags indicate which style of fashion your drag piece is, and are also what determine how many points you will earn in a given challenge. Upgrading drag pieces can also add additional Tags, or upgrade existing tags. Here is every Tag currently in RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar.

All Tags in RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar

As of RuPaul Drag Race Superstar Season 24: Jinx, there are 34 fashion style Tags for drag pieces in the game. In your wardrobe, you will only see the symbol, so it is good to familiarize yourself with each one. While there are no official in-game descriptions for the Tags, we have summed each one up for you.

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IconTagAssociated QueenAdditional Information
Attitude TagAttitudeSilky Nutmeg GanacheIs it just the hair and makeup that make you a queen? No! It’s also the Attitude!
Basic TagBasicN/ABasic fashion is as they say. Be the basic bitch of your dreams.
Body-ody TagBody-odyTrinity the TuckDon’t waste fabric. Keep it skimple, and show off that Body-ody-ody.
Camp TagCampLawrence ChaneyCamp fashion is over the top, gaudy, and a little bit out there.
Chic TagChicRavenChic fashion is sleek and cutting edge. Hit ’em like a smooth criminal.
Circus TagCircusJimbo the Drag ClownThe Circus is in town! It’s clown behavior meets runway couture.
Cosmic TagCosmicBlu HydrangeaI think I just saw Halley’s Comet- or wait, nevermind. It was just a Cosmic Drag Queen!
Couture TagCoutureNicky DollHigh heels, high fashion, runway-ready, it’s gotta be Couture, baby!
Cute TagCuteKim ChiCute. Adorable. Kawaii. Whatever word you use, these look will make you squee!
Unnamed Tag RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar (Globe Symbol)DivaCheryl HoleGrab your microphone, hit that stage, and show off your inner Diva.
Drama TagDramaScarlet EnvyAll the world’s a stage, and all the men, women, and nonbinary people merely drag stars.
Edgy TagEdgyN/AEdgy fashion is alternative fashion with a naughty element to them.
Eleganza TagEleganzaN/AEleganza fashion is elegant, high-class and always red carpet ready.
On Pointe TagEn PointeBrooke Lynn HytesIf you’re going to be a dance queen, don’t sashay away. Dance En Pointe and join the ballet!
Enchanting TagEnchantingJinkx MonsoonAs a wise poet once said “I was enchanted to meet you”. Become the enchanting queen of someone’s dreams.
Essence TagEssenceJaida Essence HallWhat is the Essence of a Drag Queen? A drop of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.
Fantasy TagFantasyN/AFantasy fashion is everything magical, fae, and high fantasy.
Fetish TagFetishN/AFetish fashion is all about the kink. From leather and latex, to fur and scales.
Fierce TagFierceN/AFierce fashion is all about stealing the spotlight and running the show.
Funky TagFunkyLatrice RoyaleFunky fashion let’s you channel the 70’s with some colorful, groovy looks.
Glitz TagGlitzN/AGlitz fashion is all about glitter, glam, shine. Shine bright like a diamond.
Goddess TagGoddessSasha ColbyG-O-D-D-E-S-S that bitch is a goddess! With these looks, you can be that bitch.
Grunge TagGrungeRaja GeminiPunk isn’t dead, it’s fabulous! Take center stage with these daring looks.
Holislay TagHolislayN/A (Special Event Tag)Holislay fashion will let you make the yuletide gay with a little ho-ho-ho.
Jersey TagJerseyMichelle VisageSometimes a queen is a fierce leopard-printed, glasses-clad lady from Jersey.
Kitty TagKitschyJujubeeMeow, meow, pussycats! It’s time to step up and go from cover girl to Kitschy girl.
Kooky TagKookyCrystal MethydIt’s wild! it’s Kooky! It’s lots of fun, with a little bit of wonk.
Muse TagMuseKandy MuseWho is your muse? Street fashion hits the streets of Hollywood with this style.
Odd TagOddYvie OddlyOdd fashion is all thingy quirky, creepy, and sometimes out of this world.
Playful TagPlayfulBaga ChipzPlayful fashions take the phrase ‘tongue and cheek’ to a whole new level.
Pop TagPopN/APop fashion let’s you embrace your inner pop star, so lip sync your heart out.
Unnamed Tag RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar (Chess Symbol)RegalThe VivienneRegal fashion is classic and refined, with throwbacks to the golden age.
Romantic TagRomanticN/ARomantic fashion is all about the love. Be the heartthrob you want to see.
Scandalous TagScandalousMorgan McMichaelsYou must’ve run for seven seasons and 124 episodes, because it’s a Scandal up in here.
Sci-Fi TagSci-FiEnvy PeruWe are not alone. Boldly go where no Drag Queen has gone before with a space-ready Sci-Fi look.
Sexy TagSexyN/ASexy fashion let’s you bring sexy back. Though when it comes to these queens, it never left.
Spicy TagSpicyPangina HealsSomeone call Sean Evans, because we’ve got a hot one tonight! Spicy up your life!
Streetwear TagStreetVanessa Vanjie MateoStreet fashion brings your block party best straight to the runway.
Stunning TagStunningMo HeartStunning fashion let’s you give the crowd a little shock and awesome.
Western TagWesternKylie Sonique LoveWestern fashion will have you taking your horse to the old town road.
Wild TagWildJessica WildEmbrace your Wild side with these looks that can’t be tamed.
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