All Hop-Up changes in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted

The Double Tap Trigger is back.

While you may find optics, barrels, and other mods in plenty of shooter games, Hop-Ups are unique to Apex Legends. Hop-Ups work with a smaller number of weapons, usually between one and three. They add an extra perk to the weapon in question, and sometimes add an entirely new fire mode altogether. Hop-Ups are always Epic or Legendary in rarity. Fully-kitted Gold weapons always have their Hop-Up built in if the weapon in question takes a Hop-Up. Let’s take a took.

Hop-Up Changes

Changes to seven Hop-Ups debuted in the game for Season 14: Hunted. Many of these changes are to rotation (adding or removal), however, some balance changes have been applied to existing Hop-Ups too. Though the official patch notes had some of these Hop-Up changes scattered through different sections of the page, we have everything all rounded up in one place.

Double Tap Trigger

  • Rejoined the rotation after the G7 Scout returned to floor loot
  • Adds burst fire mode to G7 Scout and EVA-8 Auto

Skullpiercer Rifling

  • Rejoins rotation with 30-30 Repeater compatibility
  • Adds a 35% damage increase to headshots with Longbow DMR, Wingman, and 30-30 Repeater

Hammerpoint Rounds

  • Can be crafted in the RE-45 Replicator combo

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Boosted Loader

  • Demoted to Epic/Purple Hop-Up (Formerly Legendary/Gold)
  • Still works with the Hemlok Burst AR and the Wingman

Deadeye’s Tempo

  • Removed from floor loot
  • Tempo Ability now naturally part of the Sentinel and Bocek Compound Bow

Shatter Caps

  • Removed from floor loot
  • Shatter Caps now built into the Bocek Compound Bow

Dual Shell

  • Compatibility has been removed from the Mastiff Shotgun
  • Dual Shell reloading is now built-in to the 30-30 Repeater naturally

A weapon affected

30-30 now takes the Skullpiercer Hop-Up
Screenshot by Radiant G

The weapon that is seeing the biggest change via this update due to Hop-Ups is the 30-30 Repeater. From always reloading two bullets at a time, to gaining compatibility with the Skullpiercer Rifling, to losing its status as ‘the other shotgun’ as Shatter Caps leaving the floor loot. It’s not quite an all-around buff due to the Shatter Caps change, but these changes will definitely shake up when and how players use the 30-30 Repeater.

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