All important Cuphead characters

Cuphead and the notable cast of this retro-inspired title.

Cuphead and Mugman took the world by storm in 2017 when Studio MDHR’s title launched. Though dedicated franchise fans may know the cast, new players might have trouble keeping up with Cuphead characters. Those who played the game over five years ago might also need a refresher on the Rubber Hose Styled crew.

There are plenty of characters in Cuphead, but you’ll find the most important ones in our list below. Brush up on the Cuphead cast before starting the Delicious Last Course!

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Playable Cuphead Characters


Cuphead Characters Cuphead
Image via Cuphead Wiki

Not only is Cuphead the game’s namesake, but he’s also the primary playable character! Thanks to a risky gamble with The Devil, Cuphead owes his soul. The only way out of this deal is by collecting the spirits of other debtors before midnight. The road ahead is difficult, but Cuphead won’t have to go it alone.


Cuphead characters Mugman
Image via Cuphead Wiki

The mild-mannered Mugman tries his best to keep Cuphead in line, but that doesn’t always work out. Though Cuphead was the one to gamble his soul away, he managed to rope his unsuspecting brother in for the ride. Cuphead and Mugman travel through the Inkwell Isles together to round up Soul Contracts while Elder Kettle tries to find them a way out of this predicament.

Ms. Chalice

Cuphead Characters Ms. Chalice
Image via Cuphead Wiki

The newest playable character in Cuphead, Ms. Chalice, was originally an NPC. Known as The Legendary Chalice, she lurked in Mausoleums for players to uncover. Ms. Chalice gave the dynamic duo all their Super Arts during the base game. While she wasn’t a combatant before, Ms. Chalice joins Cuphead and Mugman in the Delicious Last Course as part of a secret mission for Chef Saltbaker.

Supporting Characters

Elder Kettle

Cuphead Characters Elder Kettle
Image via Cuphead Wiki

Elder Kettle is the wise caretaker of Cuphead and Mugman. Though he doesn’t participate in their battles, Elder Kettle gives keen advice to this pair to get them out of seemingly impossible situations. This NPC teaches players how to play early in the game, also devising a plan for Cuphead and Mugman to escape The Devil.


Cuphead characters Porkrind
Image via Cuphead Wiki

Porkrind is Inkwell Isle’s shopkeeper. The owner of Porkrind’s Emporium sells weapons and charms for Cuphead and crew for coins. This currency is found around Inkwell Isle’s platforming levels, which are just as challenging as boss battles. This pig makes you work for your upgrades.

Chef Saltbaker

Cuphead characters Chef Saltbaker
Image via Cuphead Wiki

This mysterious salt shaker has a request for Cuphead and his friends in their latest adventure. What he wants and his true intentions remain a mystery.


King Dice

Cuphead characters king dice
Image via Cuphead Wiki

King Dice is The Devil’s right-hand man. Though The Devil pulls the strings in Inkwell Isle, King Dice runs the Inkwell Hell casino. It’s here where the pair swindle most citizens out of their souls by rigging gambling games against them. Before Cuphead and Mugman can face the Devil, they’ll need to take out King Dice.

The Devil

Cuphead characters the devil
Image via Cuphead Wiki

The big bad of Cuphead is undoubtedly The Devil. The king of Inkwell Hell rules the isles with extortion and intimidation. To regain their souls, Cuphead and Mugman must dethrone this tyrant. By the time Cuphead and Mugman confront him, they’ll finally be strong enough to take this demon down.

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