All Legend changes in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted

Buffs, nerfs, and other changes.

Apex Legends keeps gameplay fresh by re-balancing its roster of unique Legends each season. For Season 14: Hunted, there were plenty of nerfs, buffs and everything in between to go around. In total, nine Legends saw changes for the Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted launch. Let’s take a look.

All Legend Changes (Season 14: Hunted)

These Legends saw nerfs, buffs, or other changes in Season 14: Hunted.


  • Ultimate: Black Hole
    • [Nerf ↓] Adjustments to N.E.W.T’s hitbox
      • The changes make destroying a Black Hole easier
    • [Nerf ↓] Black Hole takes 50% more damage when hit by explosives/ordinances
    • [Nerf ↓] Black Hole can now be damaged by friendly fire


  • Tactical: Perimeter Security
    • [Buff ↑] Fence placement for Perimeter Security has been improved


  • Tactical: Amped Cover
    • [Buff ↑] Placement of Amped Cover now ignores friendly collisions, such as teammates. This will make it easier to place walls when in close-quarters with your team


  • General: Nox Gas
    • [Bug Fix] Transitioning from friendly to enemy Nox Gas will no longer deal extra damage to Caustic’s allies


  • General: Decoys
    • [Change ↔] Valkyrie’s Ultimate, Skyward Dive, now scans Mirage Decoys
    • [Change ↔] Seer’s Passive, Heart Seeker, now scans Mirage Decoys
    • [Bug Fix] Seer’s Ultimate, Exhibit, now reads Mirage Decoys as players (formerly read them as AI)


  • Ultimate: Death Totem
    • [Change ↔] Death Totem now has a placement preview phase, instead of being placed immediately. This will add a bit of time to placement, but will allow for more strategic plays and prevent accidental placement

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Other Legend Changes

Valkyrie with the Bocek Bow in Apex Legends
Image via Respawn

A few Legends saw such major changes this season, they needed their own articles. For details on Valkyrie, Newcastle, and Mad Maggie, refer to the respective guides below:

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