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Mix it up.

Ever walked a mile in someone else’s shoes? Well, now your Legends can too. The Double Take Collection Event has one of my favorite skin collections I’ve seen in a long time. Each skin in the 24-item collection, as well as the skin on the Prize Tracker, for each selected Legend is inspired by another Legend. Let’s take a look at these mixed-up, mashed up Legends. Here is every Legend skin in the Double Take Collection Event.

Double Take Collection Event Legend Skins

Double Take Collection Event Collection Page
Screenshot by Radiant G

There are eleven new Legend skins in the Double Take Collection Event. One mythic skin, six Legendary skins, and four Epic skins. The Valkyrie Epic skin is from the Prize Tracker. The Mythic skin this time around is for Lifeline, Apex Corruptor. The 7 Event Pack bundle in the store features the Malware Maelstrom Crypto skin, and the 3 Event Pack bundle features the Firewalter Fitzroy Fuse skin.

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Apex Corruptor (Mythic Lifeline Evolving skin)

Apex Corruptor Prestige Lifeline Skin
Screenshots by Radiant G

Malware Maelstrom (Legendary Crypto skin)

Malware Maelstrom
Screenshot by Radiant G

Multiverse Marathoner (Legendary Octane skin)

Multiverse Marathoner
Screenshot by Radiant G

Undying Optimism (Legendary Conduit skin)

Undying Optimism
Screenshot by Radiant G

Firewalter Fitzroy (Legendary Fuse skin)

Firewalter Fitzroy
Screenshot by Radiant G

Nine Lives (Legendary Revenant skin)

Nine Lives
Screenshot by Radiant G

Sinister Speedster (Legendary Alter skin)

Sinister Speedster
Screenshot by Radiant G

Northstar Precision (Epic Ash skin)

Northstar Precision
Screenshot by Radiant G

Bundled Up (Epic Caustic skin)

Bundled Up
Screenshot by Radiant G

Noxious Sting (Epic Vantage skin)

Noxious Sting
Screenshot by Radiant G

Soaring Simulacrum (Epic Valkyrie skin)

Soaring Simulacrum
Screenshot by Radiant G

Event Skin Availability

The Prize Tracker skins are only available through completing gameplay during the event and will never be brought back again. Players can earn the Prize Tracker Valkyrie Epic skin for the event’s full duration. The Apex Corruptor Prestige Lifeline skin will appear in the Mythic store tab after the event ends. The rest of the skins are also only available for a limited time, but they may be brought back in future store sales and bundles.

The Double Take Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from June 25 until July 9.

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