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Marvelous magic.

Grab your spellbooks, brooms, and Marvel DVDs, because the Spellbound Collection Event debuted in Apex Legends. The Legend skins for this event are split between two themes: high fantasy, and Marvel characters. From Crypto as Doctor Strange, to Seer as a witch. From Lifeline as an alchemist, to Horizon as Scarlet Witch. Whether these skins are licensed or not is hard to say, but the inspiration is as clear as it was in the Gaiden Event from 2022.

Spellbound Collection Event Legend Skins

Spellbound Collection Event Collection Page
Screenshot by Radiant G

There are 10 new Legend skins in the Spellbound Collection Event. Nine of them are part of the Spellbound event collection, Epic Lifeline skin is from the Prize Tracker. Three of the skins are Epic, the rest are all Legendary. There are no Mythic Legend skins this time, as the Mythic-tier item is Seer’s Heirloom. The 7 Event Pack bundle in the store features the Cryptic Conjurer Crypto skin, and the 3 Event Pack bundle features the Mischief Mage Mirage skin.

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Necro-smasher (Legendary Mad Maggie skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Down Umber (Legendary Fuse skin)

Down Umber
Screenshot by Radiant G

Celestial Sage (Legendary Seer skin)

Celestial Sage
Screenshot by Radiant G

Cryptic Conjurer (Legendary Crypto skin)

Cryptic Conjurer
Screenshot by Radiant G

Mischief Mage (Legendary Mirage skin)

Mischief Mage
Screenshot by Radiant G

Enchantress (Legendary Vantage skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Phoenix Rising (Legendary Horizon skin)

Phoenix Rising
Screenshot by Radiant G

Masquerade Marauder (Epic Ash skin)

Masquerade Marauder
Screenshot by Radiant G

Sky Drifter (Epic Valkyrie skin)

Sky Drifter
Screenshot by Radiant G

Alchemist (Epic Lifeline skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Event Skin Availability

The Prize Tracker skin is only available through completing gameplay during the event and will never be brought back again. The rest of the skins are also limited-time but may be brought back in future store sales and bundles.

The Spellbound Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from January 10 until January 24.

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