All Legend skins on the Season 14: Hunted Battle Pass in Apex Legends

What a surprise, another legendary Wraith skin.

With a new season of Apex Legends, comes a new Battle Pass. And with a new Battle Pass comes a bunch of new Battle Pass skins. The Season 14: Hunted Battle Pass has six Legend skins in total, five premium-only skins, and one non-premium skin. The Season 14 Legend, Vantage, debuted with an Epic Battle Pass skin waiting for her, and the Legendary skins this season went to Caustic, and once again, Wraith. Let’s take a look at every Legend skin on the Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted Battle Pass.

Battle Pass Legend Skins (Season 14: Hunted)

The first skins on the Battle Pass unlock at Level 1. The rarest skins unlock at level 50 and level 25. The skin earned latest in the Battle Pass unlocks at level 58, and is the only skin that does not require the Premium Battle Pass. These skins must be earned during Season 14: Hunted, or players will not be able to unlock them, as these limited-time skins will not return in the future.

Field Research (Legendary Caustic skin) | Level 50

Field Research
Screenshot by Radiant G

Veteran Voyager (Legendary Wraith skin) | Level 25

Veteran Voyager
Screenshot by Radiant G

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Anya’s Armor (Epic Horizon skin) | Level 1

Anya's Armor
Screenshot by Radiant G

Survival Sharp (Epic Bangalore skin) | Level 1

Survival Sharp
Screenshot by Radiant G

Sandswept (Epic Vantage skin) | Level 1

Screenshot by Radiant G

Electric Camo (Rare Wattson skin) | Level 58

Electric Camo (only non-premium option for Legend skins in Season 14)
Screenshot by Radiant G

Overall, the Battle Pass skins this time around are all about tans and greens. The muted tones work for some of the skins (big fan of both the Wraith and the Caustic Legendary skins), but a couple of the skins fall short.

In our opinion, Bangalore and Wattson both got robbed this season, as their skins are both extremely underwhelming. That said, Vantage lucked out with a very nice skin to wear for her first season in the Apex Games.

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