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All Legend skins on the Season 15: Eclipse Battle Pass in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse is finally here, and it has brought the witching hour upon us. With the debut of witchy Legend, Catalyst, and a Battle Royale map literally on a moon, it is clear that this season knows what it is all about. Season 15 debuted on November 1, 2022, and gave us our fifth Battle Royale map, 23rd playable character, and some awesome Battle pass skins. Let’s take a look.

Battle Pass Legend Skins (Season 15: Eclipse)

Screenshot by Radiant G

You earn the first skins on the Battle Pass at Level 1. You earn the rarest skins at level 50 and level 25. The skin earned latest in the Battle Pass is received at level 57 and is the only skin that does not require the Premium Battle Pass. These skins must be earned during Season 15: Eclipse, or players will not be able to unlock them, as these limited-time skins will not return in the future.

Mail Order Monster (Legendary Revenant skin) | Level 50

Screenshot by Radiant G

Imperial Assailant (Legendary Ash skin) | Level 25

Screenshot by Radiant G

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Astral Treasure (Epic Loba skin) | Level 1

Screenshot by Radiant G

Shadow Sorcerer (Epic Seer skin) | Level 1

Screenshot by Radiant G

Archon (Epic Catalyst skin) | Level 1

Screenshot by Radiant G

Doom and Gloom (Rare Gibraltar skin) | Level 57

Screenshot by Radiant G

Overall, the Battle Pass skins this time around are all about a witchy theme. Astrology, space, skulls, dark colors: This season is for the goths. Aside from Gibraltar’s skin, which is pretty drab, we are fans of all of the skin designs this season.

Catalyst was lucky to follow in the footsteps of Seer, Newcastle and Vantage, getting a Battle Pass skin for her debut. This Battle Pass and season as a whole lasts longer than the standard 90-day season, at 105 days.

Radiant G

Radiant G is Press SPACE to Jump's site lead, as well as their Apex Legends beat writer. He has covered Apex Legends across various sites since Season 3: Meltdown. In addition to his journalism, he is also an indie dev, artist, narrative writer, and producer. He is currently working on a queer narrative adventure game called Himbo Hunter.

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