All Legend skins on the Season 16: Revelry Battle Pass in Apex Legends

Crave the rave.

Apex Legends may not have a new Legend this season, but with a major revamp of the gameplay, and a whole new class system, there are plenty of reasons to play. One of them being the brand-new Season 16: Revelry battle pass. Bring the party with these rave-themed skins. Neon and various bright colors are everywhere this time around. Let’s take a look at every Legend skin on the Season 16: Revelry Battle Pass in Apex Legends.

Revelry Battle Pass Legend Skins

Season 16 Revelry Battle Pass
Screenshot by Radiant G

The first skins on the Battle Pass are earned at Level 1. Players earn the rarest Legend skins at level 50 and level 25. The skin earned latest in the Battle Pass is received at level 57 and is the only skin that does not require the Premium Battle Pass. Players must unlock these skins during Season 16: Revelry, or players will not be able to unlock them. All of these limited-time skins will not return in the future.

Heartbeat Harmonizer (Legendary Valkyrie skin) | Level 50

Heartbeat Harmonizer
Screenshot by Radiant G

Technocrat (Legendary Crypto skin) | Level 25

Screenshot by Radiant G

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Amped Up Armorer (Epic Rampart skin) | Level 1

Amped Up Armorer
Screenshot by Radiant G

Bamboogie (Epic Mirage skin) | Level 1

Screenshot by Radiant G

Night Raver (Epic Bloodhound skin) | Level 1

Night Raver
Screenshot by Radiant G

Visualizer (Rare Wraith skin) | Level 57

Screenshot by Radiant G

Valkyrie’s skin this season is our favorite, and this is Valkyrie’s second Battle Pass Legendary skin. We are loving the bright colors overall. They are very reminiscent of the skins released for Apex Legends Mobile, and it is nice to see more color in the main game.

The premium Battle Pass for Apex Legends costs 950 Apex Coins. If you complete the Premium Battle Pass, you will also have enough Apex Coins to buy into the following season without having to purchase anything with real money again.

All of these Legend skins, and the Battle Pass as a whole, went live in Apex Legends on February 14, 2023.

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