All Legend skins on the Season 21 Upheaval Battle Pass in Apex Legends

The void is creeping in.

Skins this season in Apex Legends are eye-catching and uniform in a way that was done very well. The black, white and gray colors balanced with pops of bright purple, blue, and orange is stunning. I like the fact that skins this battle pass feel like they match on the level that the matching anniversary skins are on. They will look great on a team together. Here are all of the Legend skins on the Season 21 Upheaval Battle Pass.

Season 21: Upheaval Battle Pass Legend Skins

Season 21 Upheaval Battle Pass Apex Legends

Earn the first skins on the Battle Pass at Level 1, and earn the rarest skins at level 50 and level 25. The latest skin in the Battle Pass is at level 57, and is the only skin that does not require the Premium Battle Pass. Players must earn these skins during Season 21: Upheaval, or they will not be able to unlock them. These limited-time skins will not return in the future.

Void Witch (Legendary Catalyst skin) | Level 50

Void Witch
Screenshot by Radiant G

Creeping Void (Legendary Seer skin) | Level 25

Creeping Void
Screenshot by Radiant G

Chaos’ Embrace (Epic Alter skin) | Level 1

Chaos' Embrace
Screenshot by Radiant G

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Corrupted Void (Epic Wraith skin) | Level 1

Corrupted Void
Screenshot by Radiant G

Creeping Death (Epic Revenant skin) | Level 1

Creeping Death
Screenshot by Radiant G

Necrotic Devourer (Rare Valkyrie skin) | Level 57

Necrotic Devourer
Screenshot by Radiant G

My favorite Legendary skin this season is definitely the Seer skin. The way that the hat part of his model become this futuristic looking halo is just so cool. What a stellar character design. I could see it being a model for a hero of another game on its own. I can’t wait to unlock it.

The Catalyst, Alter and Revenant skins are also very good. Surprisingly, the Rare Valkyrie skin this season is actually kind of nice. I could take or leave the Wraith skin, but overall, this is one of the better battle passes we’ve gotten.

The Season 21: Upheaval Battle Pass and its skins went live in Apex Legends on May 7, 2024.

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