All Legends and their Classes in Apex Legends

Recon, Support, Skirmisher, Assault, and Controller.

In Apex Legends, while each Legend is unique in their kit, every Legend has a Class they belong to. Classes are both there to give a player an idea of what style of play suits the character best, and also each class comes with a perk. Choosing your Legend based on the class you prefer can help new players branch out, and veteran players hone their skills. Let’s take a look at every Legend’s class in Apex Legends.

Every Legend and their Class

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The five Classes in Apex Legends are Recon, Support, Skirmisher, Assault, and Controller. Note that the old Classes of Offense and Defense no longer exist after the Season 16: Revelry update. Every Legend has one of these Classes regardless of when they joined the game’s roster. Even Legends from Classes they did not change name, may have changed their Class after the Revelry update.

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LegendClassSeason Added
MirageSkirmisherThe Preseason
OctaneSkirmisherSeason 1
WattsonControllerSeason 2
CryptoReconSeason 3
RevenantAssaultSeason 4
LobaSupportSeason 5
RampartControllerSeason 6
HorizonSkirmisherSeason 7
FuseAssaultSeason 8
ValkyrieSkirmisherSeason 9
SeerReconSeason 10
AshAssaultSeason 11
Mad MaggieAssaultSeason 12
NewcastleSupportSeason 13
VantageReconSeason 14
CatalystControllerSeason 15
Legends and Classes in Apex Legends

Legends in Apex Legends

In total, there are 23 Legends: Four Recon Legends, four Support Legends, six Skirmisher Legends, five Assault Legends, and four Controller Legends. Apex Legends has confirmed that more Legends will be added to the game in the future. The mobile-only Legends, Fade and Rhapsody, do not have new Classes due to Apex Legends Mobile shutting down.

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