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All part of the family business.

Apex Legends often creating featured stores based on holidays or in-game lore. This time around, the lore inspiring the store is from the Family Business Stories from the Outlands animated short. The short shows a snippet of Lifeline’s past, soundtracked by her punk band’s music, and gives both Lifeline and Octane some killer looks. Luckily for players, they can buy on of Lifeline’s outfits in the Family Business Store, but it doesn’t end there. Let’s take a look.

Family Business Store Lifeline Cosmetics

Family Business Store
Screenshot by Radiant G

Every cosmetic in the Family Business Store is a Lifeline cosmetic of Epic or Legendary rarity. There are 8 cosmetics total, and they are spread out across 6 different deals. Most of them are bundles, however, the Legendary Finisher and Emote are sold as standalone items. Some items also come with a Lifeline Pack, which include one random Rare or better Lifeline cosmetic, and two other items.

Mischief Medic (Legendary Lifeline skin)

Mischief Medic
Screenshot by Radiant G

Backing Track (Legendary Volt skin)

Backing Track
Screenshot by Radiant G

Winging It (Epic Lifeline Skydive Emote)

Winging It
Screenshot by Radiant G

Don’t Mind If I Do (Epic Lifeline Holo-spray)

Don't Mind If I Do
Screenshot by Radiant G

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Shout Outs (Legendary Lifeline Emote)

Shout Outs
Screenshot by Radiant G

D.O.C.’s Shock (Legendary Lifeline Finisher)

D.O.C.'s Shock
Screenshot by Radiant G

Preventative Measures (Epic Lifeline Banner Pose)

Preventative Measures
Screenshot by Radiant G

Search and Rescue (Legendary Lifeline Banner Frame)

Search and Rescue
Screenshot by Radiant G

Lifeline Pack (Rare Apex Pack)

Lifeline Pack
Screenshot by Radiant G

The Family Business Store is live in Apex Legends from June 21 until July 5, 2022.

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