All Mad Maggie buffs in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted

She came in like a Wrecking Ball.

Mad Maggie has been around for a couple of Apex Legends seasons now, but hasn’t truly properly stood out from the crowd yet. Season 14: Hunted gives Maggie that chance with a major buff. This Mad Maggie buff lines up with a major Newcastle buff, meaning that the two most recent Legends before Vantage are going to become more viable. Apex Legends players often find a Legend they like and stick to them, so these buffs may help raise the pick rates of some of the newer characters.

Mad Maggie Changes (Season 14: Hunted)

Mad Maggie with shotgun
Screenshot via Respawn

While there is a minor buff to Mad Maggie’s tactical, the major of her Season 14 buff focuses on her Ultimate. Maggie’s Wrecking Ball was a great idea in theory, but is did a lot more ‘ball’ than ‘wreck’. Now the Wrecking Ball can deal damage to several placeable objects, in addition to a plethora of other buffs.

Ultimate: Wrecking Ball

  • [Buff ↑] Wrecking Ball now travels twice as far
    • The number of magnets dropped remains the same
    • Magnet spawn delay is now 0.8 seconds (formerly 0.4)
  • [Buff ↑] Wrecking Ball’s duration is now 10 seconds (formerly 5)
  • [Buff ↑] Wrecking Ball can now deal damage to:
    • Loba’s Ultimate: Black Market Boutique
    • Seer’s Ultimate: Exhibit
    • Revenant’s Ultimate: Death Totem
    • Horizon’s Ultimate: Black Hole
    • Newcastle’s Ultimate: Castle Walls
    • Newcastle’s Tactical: Mobile Shield
    • Rampart’s Tactical: Amped Cover
    • Caustic’s Tactical: Nox Gas Traps
  • [Buff ↑] Wrecking Ball now instantly destroys Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection
  • [Buff ↑] Wrecking Ball will now more reliably blind and slow enemies

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Tactical: Riot Drill

  • [Buff ↑] The Riot Drill’s projectile launch speed is now twice as fast

Mad Maggie is one of three Legends to see major changes in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. The other two Legends that saw major changes for Season 14 are Newcastle and Valkyrie.

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