All new levels in Fall Guys Season 1

Fall Guys adds new levels to celebrate Free For All.

With Fall Guys going free-to-play on all platforms, players can enjoy Season 1’s new content. Each season brings new levels for users to take on. Though old levels join the current rotation, you can see several new additions to the pool, even in standard play.

Read up on the new challenges before playing them in Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All. You might take home the crown with enough practice and a little luck!

Fall Guys Free For All New Rounds

There are seven new rounds in Fall Guys Season 1: Free For All. You can find each of these minigames below with a brief description of the objectives.

Blast Ball

Fall Guys Blast Ball Final
Image via Mediatonic

In the Blast Ball final, you’ll battle other beans on a shrinking area filled with Blast Balls. Pick up and throw these bombs at opponents to send them flying off platforms. The last bean standing wins!

The Swiveller

Fall Guys The Swiveller
Image via Mediatonic

Avoid a giant fan and stage hazards to stay alive in this elimination round. These hazards vary with each show. Once a certain number of players fall out of the ring, you’ll move on to the next round.

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Speed Circuit

Fall Guys Speed Circuit
Image via Mediatonic

Race other beans through this course, avoiding obstacles and passing through speed rings for improved movement. Only a select number of beans can move on, so make it to the finish line ASAP!

Bounce Party

Fall Guys Bounce Party
Image via Mediatonic

Hop through rings as they enter the stage using springboards on the floor. Blue rings are worth one point, while gold rings grant you two. Get 15 points before your opponents to make it to the next round.


Fall Guys Volleyfall
Image via Mediatonic

Compete with a single opponent in this elimination minigame. Lob a volleyball across the next and hit the ground to score on your competitor. Whoever scores more points in two minutes moves on two the next round.

Track Attack

Fall Guys Track Attack
Image via Mediatonic

Make your way through an obstacle course with different paths. You’ll also have the option to take speed rings to outpace your opponents. Ensure you finish before the cutoff number to make it to the next round.


Fall Guys Hex-a-Ring
Image via Mediatonic

While Hex-A-Ring resembles previous final rounds like Hex-A-Gone, the stage also rotates. Stepping on the hexagons makes them disappear, so you’ll need to run across the three-tiered cylinder and avoid falling into the holes to take home the crown!

To see a preview of these levels in action, check the Free For All Launch Trailer below:

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