All Newcastle buffs in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted

The best offense is a great defense.

Newcastle debuted in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, but didn’t quite crash onto the scene in the ways he might have been hoping. While many players tried out Newcastle at the start of the season, the players that actually stuck with him thinned out. While Newcastle had some pretty cool abilities, in a lot of cases, he just wasn’t strong enough to be viable. Thankfully, the developers took note of this, and gave him a major buff for Season 14: Hunted. Let’s take a look.

Newcastle Changes (Season 14: Hunted)

Newcastle Retrieve the Wounded
Screenshot via Respawn

Newcastle’s major buff for Season 14 has affected all three of his Legend abilities in multiple ways. This will make him a much more viable pick at all levels of play. This is also a buff all the way down the board. None of his abilities received nerfs or neutral changes. This defensive Legend will feel a lot better to play in Season 14, especially while using his Retrieve the Wounded passive, which received four buffs alone.

Ultimate: Castle Wall

  • [Buff ↑] Added turn slow to electrical barrier effects
  • [Buff ↑] Increased severity of slow effect applied to enemy movement

Tactical: Mobile Shield

  • [Buff ↑] HP of Mobile Shield increased to 500 (formerly 350)
  • [Buff ↑] Max movement speed for the Mobile Shield is now twice as fast

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Passive: Retrieve the Wounded

  • [Buff ↑] Move speed during revive – Increased by 25%
  • [Buff ↑] Turn slow while reviving – Decreased by 50%
    • This means players can turn 50% closer to their usual speed while reviving
  • [Buff ↑] White Level 1 (Common) Knockdown Shield health increased
    • White passive shield now has 200 HP (formerly 150)
  • [Buff ↑] Blue Level 2 (Rare) Knockdown Shield health increased
    • Blue passive shield now has 300 HP (formerly 250)

Newcastle will definitely be making more waves in Season 14 than he did in his debut season. Newcastle is one of three Legends to see major changes in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. The other two Legends that saw major changes for Season 14 are Mad Maggie and Valkyrie.

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