All of the Eikon Abilities in Final Fantasy XVI

Find out what powers these titans offer.

In Final Fantasy XVI, players can gain a host of Eikon Abilities to power up Clive. What moves you use are up to you, but with so many to use, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Make sure you know what each Eikon has to offer before you go into battle.

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All Eikons and their abilities in FFXVI

final fantasy xvi ramuh
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

You can find each of the game’s Eikon powers below and their upgrade effects. The Eikon ability guide does not include basic movies in Clive’s arsenal. This list is a work in progress. We’ll update the Final Fantasy XVI Eikons list with any additional powers as we play through the game.

Important Note: Aside from Eikon feats (circle command), all abilities can transfer to other Eikons once mastered.


final fantasy xvi phoenix
Image via Square Enix
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Flames of RebirthSummon a massive pillar of fire that burns all enemies caught within the flames while partially restoring Clive’s HP.Increases hits
HeatwaveSummon a projectile-dispelling wall of liquid flame before launching several deadly shockwaves. Wave force is amplified upon dispelling magic.Increases shockwaves
Phoenix ShiftUse the blessing of Phoenix to close the gap between a target. Both melee attacks and magicked shots can be dealt while shifting.Increases shift distance
Rising FlamesSummon a fiery wing that deals damage and can lunch lighter enemies into the airIncreases hits
Scarlet CycloneSpin quickly, creating a ring of fire that burns all enemies in range.Increases hits


Final Fantasy XVI Garuda
Image via PlayStation Blog
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Aerial BlastSummon a tornado that slowly hunts down nearby enemies and, upon ensnaring them, inflicts multiple hits.Whirlwind duration is increased.
Deadly EmbraceSend a grappling claw out to grab an enemy and pull it towards Clive. Grappling heavier enemies launches Clive into the air.Increases claw range
GougeSummon twin claws that relentlessly tear at a target. This move can be used in midair.Increases follow-up strike speed
Rook’s GambitJump back, then deliver a punishing counter. If the jump evades an attack, counter potency increases. It can be used in midair. Counterstrike changes, increasing hits
Wicked WheelPerform a rising attack, striking all enemies within range and lifting them from the ground. It can be used in midair.Increases hits


Final Fantasy XVI ifrit
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
IgnitionAttack while charging, inflicting multiple hits, and forcing the enemy back. It can be used in midair.Widens the area of effect and increases potency.
Limit BreakTemporarily improve attributes for a limited time by channeling the power of Ifrit.Adds second/thrid Limit Break gauge.
Will-o’-the-WykesSummon a storm of fireballs that circle around Clive, damaging nearby targets, while also absorbing damage.Increases fireball count, nullifies up to four attacks


ffxvi ramuh
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Blind JusticeLaunch a barrage of ball lightning at enemies. Ball lightning affixes to enemies, discharging after another attack.Increases number of lock ons
Judgment BoltSummon a mighty levinbolt from the heavens that deals massive damage to a single target.Increases bolts
Lightning RodCreate a ball of lightning that chains lightning to other nearby enemies when struck.Increases range of lightning when striking ball
Pile DriveDrive Ramuh’s staff into the ground, electrifying all enemies within a radius of the strike.Increases hits and ability radius
ThunderstormCall forth a thunderstorm that rains multiple bolts of lightning down upon an enemy.Increases the number of lightning strikes


Final Fantasy XVI
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Earthen FuryDrive both hands into the ground, causing the land to surge upwards, sending nearby enemies flying.Increases range and the number of hits.
Raging FistsStep forward and deliver a blinding flurry of high-speed punches. Blocking an enemy attack with the step forward increases punch potency.Increases attack potency.
Titanic BlockBlock enemy attacks. When a guard is timed perfectly, you can use the square button to launch up to three counterattack.Increases Limit Break Gauge upon blocking an attack.
UpheavalSlam a fist to the ground, damaging all enemies within range. Can be used in midair.Extends precise execution window.
WindupPunch forward. Hold the button to wind up the attack, further increasing potency.Extends precise execution window.


Final Fantasy XVI bahamut eikon abilities
Image via Square Enix
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Fire BreathBreath forth a plume of light-aspected flame that deals continuous damage.Increases the number of satellites.
GigaflareFire a massive beam of overcharged light that burns any enemy it hits.Increases the number of hits inflicted by the beam.
ImpulseSummon multiple spheres of light that deal continuous damage upon striking an enemy. Additionally, it will bind the enemy to that spot.Increases the number of orbs.
SatelliteSummon multiple light-aspected familiars that attack any enemy on which Clive uses magic.Increases number of satellites.
Wings of LightBegin casting Megaflare. Press the circle to execute the spell. The length of casting determines the potency of the spell.Increases maximum Megaflare level to 4.


final fantasy xvi shiva
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Cold SnapSlide effortlessly across the ground in any direction. Attacking with O while sliding can temporarily freeze enemies.Increases Permafrost duration
Diamond DustSummon a winter storm that freezes enemies in place within a radius before dealing massive ice damage and knocking them back.Increases the number of ice blasts to two and increases hits for each blast
Ice AgeUnleash a river of icicles that knocks back any enemies it strikesExtends precise execution window.
MesmerizeLaunch multiple shards of ice that, upon striking lighter enemies, draw them toward Clive. Can be used in midair.Also fires three shards behind Clive.
RimeSummon a colossal ice crystal that deals continuous damage to all enemies that become trapped inside.Increases crystal duration.


final fantasy XVI odin
Image via Square Enix
AbilityDetailsUpgrade Effects
Arm of DarknessReplace Clive’s current weapon with Odin’s blade. Landing abilities with the Arm of Darkness fills the Zantetsuken gauge. Hold square to execute Zantetsuken.Increases max Zantetsuken level to 5.
Dancing SteelSummon a second blade and unleash a flurry of attacks. Each hit landed significantly fills the Zantetsuken gauge.Significantly increases the number of hits.
GungnirSummon the legendary spear Gungnir and execute an extended flourish of deadly slices and strokes. Each hit landed fills the Zantetsuken gauge.Increases follow-up attack speed.
Heaven’s CloudSurge forward to strike an enemy. Can be executed multiple times in succession if the previous hit lands. Each hit landed fills the Zantetsuken gauge.Increases number of times the ability can be chained.
Rift SlipUse to recover immediately from any ability action.Immediately recover poise after taking damage, reducing Rift Slap cooldown by 50%. Time slow extended.

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