All of the FFXIV Callback Campaign Rewards

The Callback Campaign returns! Grab these Golden Feathers while you can!

FFXIV offers rewards on occasion to those who invite players to return to the game. The popular Callback Campaign returns with some exclusive prizes for a limited time. Here’s everything you need to know about the Callback Campaign’s bonuses.

FFXIV Callback Campaign banner
Image via Square Enix

The Callback Campaign runs from Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at 1:00 AM (PDT) to Friday, September 30, 2022, at 1:00 AM (PDT)

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Inviting Friends to Return in FFXIV

You’ll need to enter the game to invite a friend back to FFXIV. Head to your Friend List, and select your friend’s name. In the following menu, select Invite Friend to Return.

FFXIV Inviting friends friend menu
Image via Square Enix

Once you’ve sent the request, your friend can accept the invite back to give you some sweet rewards.


  • Players invited back must have an account with 90+ days inactive.
  • Return players must have a paid version of FFXIV registered to their service account.

FFXIV Callback Campaign Rewards

FFXIV Recruit a friend banner and image
Image via Square Enix

The rewards for the Callback Campaign differ depending on whether you invited someone or you’re an invitee.

Rewards for Inviting Others

  • Five Golden Chocobo Feathers
FFXIV Golden Feather image
Image via Square Enix

Golden Chocobo Feathers are exchanged for the following rewards:

ItemUnlocksRequired Golden Feathers
Twintania Neurolink KeyFFXIV Callback Campaign twintania mount15
Amber Draught Chocobo WhistleFFXIV Callback campaign draught chocobo amber8
Managarm HornFFXIV Callback campaign managarm mount8
Rare Dye x5FFXIV Pure White Dye1
Aetheryte Ticket x10FFXIV Aetheryte ticket teleport1
Info/images via Square Enix

Rewards for Those Invited Back

  • 14 Days of Free Play
  • 99 Aetheryte Tickets (Free teleports)
  • 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers
FFXIV Silver Chocobo Feathers
Image via Square Enix

Silver Chocobo Feathers are exchangeable for the following items:

ItemItem LevelRequired Silver Feathers
Lv. 20 Weapons221
Lv. 50 Equipment1305
Lv. 60 Equipment2705
Lv. 70 Equipment4005
Lv. 80 Equipment5305
Info via Square Enix

To see a preview of the armor types you can earn via Silver Chocobo Feathers, check the image below:

FFXIV Returner campaign rare armor
Image via Square Enix

Claiming Your Callback Campaign Rewards

Once you’ve earned a reward, you’ll notice an envelope icon at the top of your screen. This means you’ve got mail! This mail will contain your Callback Campaign Rewards. To get your Chocobo Feathers, you’ll need to visit a Delivery Moogle in FFXIV. These postmasters reside in most of the game’s major city-states. Look for the little guy below in big towns.

FFXIV Delivery Moogle location
Image via Square Enix

Where to Find Calamity Salvagers in FFXIV

Once you’ve got your rewards, head to one of several Calamity Salvagers in Eorzea. We’ve listed each of the NPCs and their locations below:

Limsa Lominsa-Upper Decks

FFXIV Calamity salvager wiki image
Image via FFXIV Wiki
FFXIV Upper Decks Calamity Salvager location
Image via Square Enix

Old Gridania

FFXIV Calamity Salvager gridania
Image via FFXIV Wiki
FFXIV Old gridania calamity salvager locations
Image via Square Enix

Ul’dah-Steps of Thal

FFXIV Calamity salvager uldah
Image via FFXIV Wiki
FFXIV Calamity salvager location uldah
Image via Square Enix

Important Notes

FFXIV Loporrit important notes buried memories
Image via Square Enix

Lastly, we have several notes that you should know before taking part in this event.

  • Characters can invite others to return five times per character.
  • Invite e-mails sent once per day.
  • E-mails won’t send to those who don’t meet requirements.
  • Players can Golden Chocobo Feathers outside of this event by inviting new players to FFXIV via the Recruit a Friend Campaign.

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