All of the new Boss Salmonids in Splatoon 3

Splatoon's Salmon Run just got a bit more brutal!

Splatoon 3 is one of 2022’s biggest Nintendo Switch titles. One feature fans of the past games enjoy is Salmon Run, and this boss gauntlet lets players take on hordes of hostile sea life. While the previous versions were impressive, Splatoon 3 promises a more significant challenge and more Salmonids.

While old bosses return in Salmon Run, there are new Boss Salmonids to fight as well. These new crafty creatures made appearances in several Splatoon 3 trailers. Keep your eyes out for these aquatic terrors when Splatoon 3 drops.

New Salmon Run Bosses in Splatoon 3

Image via Nintendo

The new enemies in Salmon Run, the Boss Salmonids, are the main attraction in this boss gauntlet. Each harbors a gimmick that varies up gameplay, so remember to try new tactics when fighting the bosses listed below:

Fish Stick

Splatoon 3 Fish Stick Salmonids
Image via Nintendo

The Fish Stick spawns a host of flying Salmonids that carry a giant spear and drop it on the stage. Once they ground their pillar, they rain ink down from above. Shoot ink on the post to climb the platform and splat these meddling anchovies at eye level.


Splatoon 3 Flipper Flopper Salmonids
Image via Nintendo

Flipper-Flopper, the masked shark, hovers over the stage, searching for unsuspecting inklings. Get caught in its gaze, and it’ll slam down on you, dealing significant damage. Shoot it out of the sky before it can crush your teammates!

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Slammin’ Lid

Splatoon 3 Slammin Lid Salmon Run Salmonids
Image via Nintendo

The Slammin’ Lid Salmonid appears, spawning a shield that protects allies on the ground. If you enter its tractor beam, it’ll try to slam you, so keep your distance from this foe if you don’t want to be a squid sandwich.

Big Shot

Splatoon 3 Salmon Run Big Shot Salmonids
Image via Nintendo

The lumbering giant, Big Shot, fires giant projectiles from long range. When these items hit the ground, they send out powerful shockwaves, so watch your step! Shoot this boss while he loads his cannon to take him down.

King Salmonid: Cohozuna

Splatoon 3 King Salmonid boss Salmonids
Image via Nintendo

Cohozuna is one of the rare King Salmonids. These powerful bosses occasionally spawn at the end of a run. This massive Salmonid flounders around the stage, crushing anything that gets stuck underneath it. Attack from a distance to deal damage. Survive the time limit and keep the pressure on to send this titan packing.

To see all the announcements from the latest Splatoon 3 Direct, check out the video by Nintendo.

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