Current Replicator Weapon rotation in Apex Legends

All current and previously craftable Replicator Crafting Weapons

In Apex Legends, most weapons are found on the ground in any given location. That said, there are a few smaller pools of weaponry that you get a hold off in different ways. The most talked about group of non-ground loot items is the Supply Drop Crate Weapons, but that’s not all the game has to offer. Replicator Weapons, or craftable weapons, are another alternative way of getting the guns you want for your loadout. Let’s take a look at the current Replicator Weapon rotation, and all prior rotations.

Replicator Weapon Rotations

There are two weapons in the Replicator for each crafting rotation. Neither of these items will appear in the ground loot or in the Arenas shop while they are in the Replicator.

Current Replicator Weapon Rotation

The current craftable weapons will never be from the same class of weapon (AR, SMG, LMG, etc.), but may use the same ammo type.

 Weapon 1Weapon 2Start Date
Season 14: HuntedRE-45*Devotion LMGAugust 9, 2022

*Includes Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up combo

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Previous Replicator Weapon Rotations

There are been three previous craftable weapon rotations in Apex Legends. The ability to craft weapons debuted in Season 6: Boosted, but was taken out of the game shortly after. Now that craftable weapons are back, they have seasonal or bi-seasonal rotations.

 Weapon 1Weapon 2Start Date
Season 13: Saviors (Split 2)WingmanC.A.R. SMGJune 21, 2022
Season 13: Saviors (Split 1)R-301 CarbineRampage LMGMay 10, 2022
Season 12: DefianceVK-47 FlatlineLongbow DMRFebruary 8, 2022

How to obtain weapons via crafting

Replicator Weapon
Screenshot by Radiant G

Replicator weapons cost 30 Crafting Materials. Unlike with Supply Drop Weapons, Replicator weapons use their usual ammo, and they come with only two blocks of ammo upon crafting. That said, once you craft the weapon, you can always craft more ammo in the Replicator independently, or find ammo elsewhere. Replicator Crafting Weapons are a white Level 1 Common-tier craft, and they do not come with any predefined kit.

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