All Survival Items in Apex Legends

Survive, Legend.

In Apex Legends, you and your teammates are going to need to carefully search the arena and try to get your hands on items that will help ensure your team a high placement in a match. Survival Items are one of the tools you’ll find during gameplay. Each player can hold up to one Survival Item, and each one can either help or hinder your team’s strategy on the battlefield if not used correctly, so we’ll go over what each one does.

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The Survival Items in Apex Legends

Heat Shield

Apex Legends: an orange domed Heat Shield protects from ring damage
Image via Respawn

If you find yourself outside the ring, willingly or not, the Heat Shield has you covered. Firing it off will give you ring damage protection and reduce the time it takes to revive teammates. You can stack up to two of them in one slot. Use it wisely!

Mobile Respawn Beacon

One of Apex Legends' survival items: A red mobile respawn beacon glows green as it activates.
Image via Respawn

Just like it says on the tin, this beacon sends a respawn point to your location once you use it. But be careful, it takes 15 seconds to land, and 7 seconds to use instead of 5 like the regular Respawn Beacon. So, you’ll want to make you’re somewhere safe before using it.

Evac Tower

The new Apex Legends survival item, the evac tower, deploys a balloon over a stormy green field.
Image via Respawn.

Great news if you wanted uppies! The Evac Tower sends a balloon down to your location, which gives you and your team an additional skydive to play with. However, it’s destroyed if it takes too much damage, and other teams can just swipe the zipline out from under you.

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