All swimsuit skins in Apex Legends – Sun Squad Collection Event

Suns out, guns out.

First, there were replies. Then, there were memes. Then, there was fan art. Now, it’s official. The Apex Legends Swimsuit skins are finally here. A lot of them fall closer to vacation wear or scuba suits than a traditional swimsuit, but they are all on theme. Of the skins, the one closest to what you might think of when you hear ‘Apex Legends swimsuit skin’, would be Seer. But regardless, our Legends are ready to have some fun in the sea or fun in the sun. Let’s take a look at the skins in the Sun Squad Collection Event.

Sun Squad Collection Event Swimsuit Skins

Swimsuit skins Sun Squad Collection Event Page
Screenshot by Radiant G

There are ten Legend skins for this event. Three of the skins are Epic, and the other seven are Legendary. There are no Mythic Legend skins in this event, but you can get Ash’s Heirloom from completing the Collection Event. The 7 Event Pack bundle in the store features the Shoreline Savior Newcastle skin, and the 3 Event Pack bundle features the Sub-Mirage Mirage skin.

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Pierless (Legendary Ash skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Sub-Mirage (Legendary Mirage skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

License to Chill (Legendary Fuse skin)

License to Chill
Screenshot by Radiant G

Shoreline Savior (Legendary Newcastle skin)

Shoreline Savior
Screenshot by Radiant G

Trouble in Paradise (Legendary Loba skin)

Trouble in Paradise
Screenshot by Radiant G

Seerside (Legendary Seer skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

Stellar Swimmer (Legendary Catalyst skin)

Stellar Swimmer
Screenshot by Radiant G

Tropical Punch (Epic Mad Maggie skin)

Tropical Punch
Screenshot by Radiant G

Marine Toxicologist (Epic Caustic skin)

Marine Toxicologist
Screenshot by Radiant G

Hit the Deck (Epic Bangalore skin)

Hit the Deck
Screenshot by Radiant G

Event Skin Availability

The Prize Tracker Bangalore skin is only available through completing gameplay during the event and will never be brought back again. The other skins, while only available for a limited time, may be brought back in future store sales and bundles. That said, reminder that when they do return it is for Apex Coins, rather than being craftable.

The Sun Squad Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from March 28 until April 11.

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