All the changes coming to Apex Legends’ Firing Range

Hit me with your best shot, fire away, etc.

Season 17 of Apex Legends is firing on all cylinders with new Legends (see my new dad, Ballistic), updated maps, and other tasty morsels. The distinct absence of Titanfall 3 might have you itching to take out that frustration in the revised firing range, which got its own suite of layout and behavioral changes.

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Apex Legends Firing Range Changes

Fully Redesigned Layout

Apex Legends' firing range
Image via Respawn

The firing range will have three distinct areas when it relaunches. Here’s are the three areas and their focus:

  • Agility Course: Focuses on movement skills, with elevated platforms and a steep incline peppered with rocks.
  • Duel Pit: A small, fenced-off arena that’ll help players better understand their close-range skirmish options.
  • Training Grounds: Simulates the round-to-round experience with a full town layout.

More Behavior Options and Stats

The update will also improve information and displayed feedback in the firing range. Customizable training dummies will have adaptive behavior, from simple spawning and shooting to full combat settings. Now, when you shoot at the targets, they’ll light up different colors to indicate where you hit them.

Finally, the ability to manually reset dynamic stats at will will help both new and seasoned players improve their skills and more accurately track their performance metrics. (If that sounds too LinkedIn, let me put it this way: accurate numbers mean doing less math. That’s a win-win in my book, even if it requires a little setup.)

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