All the changes coming to Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map

What a glow-up.

Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is giving what players want and more. Not only will we be getting a new Legend in Ballistic, but there’s other content coming our way, including an update to World’s Edge. So, let’s get into what will be changing in World’s Edge.

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Apex Legends World’s Edge Changes

New POIs

Apex Legends Stacks
Image via Respawn

This map overhaul gives a new lease on life to World’s Edge. Firstly, there are two new POIs for players to check out in Fragment East and West: the Monument and Stacks. The Monument is a tall statue that’s an excellent spot for snipers. Meanwhile, Stacks adds multiple structures and buildings you can climb, hide at, and chase players in.

No More Lava Updraft

Apex Legends World's Edge Lava Floor
Image via Respawn

The vertical updraft has been completely removed from World’s Edge. To compensate for that, the floor has been raised, making it walkable now. Be careful, though! The floor is still lava, and one wrong move will result in you taking damage.

Harvester Update

Apex Legends Harvester
Image via Respawn

Since lava updraft gone, Harvester is getting a new look. The landing platform is now surrounded by lava, so you’ll need to be extra careful while looting in that area. Ziplines have also been added, which give you easy access to the loot below.

New Additions to Skyhook

Apex Legends Skyhook Vault
Image via Respawn

Lastly, there will be snow in Skyhook, as well as a new Vault somewhere near the area. Happy looting!

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