All Valkyrie nerfs in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted

Should we blame the ALGS pick rates for this one?

From Valkyrie’s high pick rate at the Apex Legends Global Series, to her dominance in Ranked and normal play, it was clear Valkyrie was on top of the world. However, all good things must come to an end. The high-flying Legacy Legend got a massive nerf for Season 14: Hunted, and it will most likely cause a big shake up in the meta. Of course, some players will still stick with what they know, but others may hop to a different Legend after this brutal nerf.

Valkyrie Changes (Season 14: Hunted)

Valkyrie with Heirloom
Screenshot via Respawn

Valkyrie’s major nerf for Season 14 has affected all three of her Legend abilities in multiple ways. The good news is there is a little bit of a buff in the tactical, but there is still a more major nerf element too.

Ultimate: Skyward Dive

  • [Nerf ↓] The Skyward Dive will now peak at 25% lower
  • [Change ↔] Launch time is now 5 seconds
    • This may seem like a buff, however with the height reduction factored in, the actual movement is slower
    • That said, if you are using the Skyward Dive to get back in the ring, that half second could come in handy, so it’s not all bad

Tactical: Missile Swarm

  • [Buff ↑] Aim/Turn slow effect removed
  • [Buff ↑] Movement slow effect decreased to 2 seconds (previously 2.5)
  • [Nerf ↓] Explosion radius reduced to 125 (formerly 175)

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Passive: VTOL Jets

  • [Nerf ↓] Initial acceleration on activation – decreased by 8%
  • [Nerf ↓] Fuel usage on activation – increased by 33%
  • [Change ↔] Fuel meter now uses three colors as it runs down
    • 100%-61%: Green
    • 60%-30%: Orange
    • 29%-0%: Red
  • [Nerf ↓] Aerial Boosting and Strafing – now receive a 20% debuff when hit with slowing effects

Valkyrie is one of three Legends to see major changes in Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. The other two Legends that saw major changes for Season 14 are Mad Maggie and Newcastle.

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