Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted Patch Notes – all new content

Every new to Apex Legends from the Season 14: Hunted Patch Notes.

Apex Legends never skimps out on the new content in their season patches for the game, and Season 14: Hunted is no exception. From the introduction of sniper-centric Recon Legend, Vantage, to the first major map update for Kings Canyon since Season 8: Mayhem, the patch notes are full of new content.

This article is a list of every major change and all of the new content that got added to Apex Legends for Season 14: Hunted. The items on the list also link to our guides or news stories on each specific topic. Let’s take a look at everything new or changed that the Season 14: Hunted Patch Notes brought to Apex Legends.

Major changes in Season 14 Patch Notes

Vantage and Echo - added in Season 14: Hunted Patch Notes
Screenshot via Respawn

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These are all of the major changes to Apex Legends in Season 14: Hunted. For bug fixes and other minor changes, please refer to the official Season 14: Hunted patch notes. These changes were added to Apex Legends on August 9, 2022.

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