Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal Patch Notes  – all new content

From Ballistic to improved spawns, Arsenal is looking to be a good season.

Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal introduces a ton of new context as well as changes to the game. So, if you’re wondering what’s going to be different in season 17, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal.

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Major Changes in Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal

Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal ping system

Balance Changes for Season 17

Weapon Changes

L-Star EMG (Crate)

  • Added Disruptor Rounds: 60% damage increase against shields
  • Base Damage: Reduced from 17 to 16
  • Projectiles now have passthrough: 60% damage retained
  • Projectile growth increased
  • Improved recoil pattern
  • Removed barrel
  • Ammo Stockpile: 324
  • Reduced VFX brightness when hitting unarmored targets

30-30 Repeater

  • Projectile size increased when fully charged

Triple Take

  • Projectile size increased
  • Improved hipfire spread
  • Tightened bullet pattern when fully choked
  • Ammo per shot reduced from 3 to 1
  • Magazines sizes adjusted to match the new ammo costs
    • Purple Mag: Increased from 9 to 10

R-99 SMG

  • A bullet has been removed from base and all magazines
    • No Magazine: Reduced from 20 to 19 bullets
    • White Magazine: Reduced from 22 to 21 bullets
    • Blue Magazine: Reduced from 25 bullets down to 24
    • Purple & Gold Magazines: Reduced from 28 bullets to 27

Charge Rifle

  • Reduced shots per magazine from 4 to 3
  • Reduced spawn rate

Legends Changes

Mirage fingergunning bisexually
Image via Respawn


  • Now slowed to weapon sprint speed instead of the walk speed when she is targeting with her tac


  • Dark Veil: Scan Highlights and Diamonds are no longer visible when using this ability


  • Class Change: Changed from Skirmisher to Support

Assault Class

  • Smart loot gains reduce skipping an upgrade tier
    • The changes of jumping from White to Purple or Blue to Gold are less likely
  • Optics are now given based on team rather than the Legend who opened them
  • Added special drop rate for Gold Optics

Skirmisher Class

  • Care packages will now automatically ping for the team upon reveal
    • This includes empty Care Packages that have already been looted

Support Class

  • Support Bins will now guarantee at least one Battery in one of the Secret Compartments
  • Support Bins will now have MRBs if your ally is dead, regardless if you have their banner card or not
  • Legend Banners can now be crafted by any player who has a Support Legend on their team

Mixtape Changes

  • New Podium screens for both Control and Gun Run
  • A message will now display in the Kill Feed if Leaver Penalties are disabled
  • Control and Gun Run will show the team’s MVPs on the intro podium
  • Updated loadouts for both Control and Gun Run
  • XP Bonuses for Match Completion and Match Completion after Join in Progress
  • Map Rotation: Barometer has been rotated out. The new map for this season is Olympus: Hammond Labs
  • Weapon Evo Change: Weapons will no longer evo automatically when reaching a new tier. Instead, when a new tier is attained, the weapon will Evo when the player holsters and unholsters it.

Gun Run

  • Weapon Track Update for the new crate weapons
  • Added an additional XP bonus on the last weapon knife kill

Team Deathmatch

  • Map Rotation: The new map being used this season is Phase Runner

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