Bear and Breakfast: release date, platforms, and game details

Want Bed and Breakfast, bear style? Bear and Breakfast has you covered.

Bear and Breakfast is a cozy management sim game where you run a Bed & Breakfast as a Bear named Hank. You can design your B&B, attract customers, meet and make friends (and enemies), and explore deeper into the dark and spooky parts of the woods. Bear and Breakfast was first announced back in 2020, and showcased in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase in August 2020. The game was originally set to launch on 2021, but was delayed until 2022.

Bear and Breakfast Release Date

I personally have actually been following this game since its announcement, and am very excited it launch this year. There was a new trailer and feature for Summer Game Fest 2022, and they announced that Bear and Breakfast is set to release on Thursday July 28, 2022.

Bear and Breakfast Gameplay
Image via Gummy Cat Studios

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Bear and Breakfast Platforms

The game is launching on Nintendo Switch and Steam. You can wishlist it on Steam now, but it is not yet available pre-order. Bear and Breakfast game is developed by indie game studio, Gummy Cat, and published by Armor Games Studios. Gummy Cat is a Romanian-based studio, and Bear and Breakfast is their first commercial release.

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