Best weapon skins in the Awakening Collection Event – Apex Legends

From Valkyrie's Heirloom, to some surprisingly nice Epic weapon skins.

Every time there is a Collection Event in Apex Legends with a new Heirloom, there is a special amount of attention to the new weapon skins. The Awakening Collection Event has some of the best weapon skins we’ve seen in a while. That said, a couple of the skins are worth skipping over. We’ve looked over every new weapon skin in the Awakening Collection event and ordered them best to worst. Let’s take a look.

Awakening Collection Event Weapon Skins

The Awakening Collection Event has a total of 12 weapon skins attached to it. Nine of them are part of the actual event collection, two Legendary skins are from the Prize Tracker, The Heirloom is a prize for completing the whole collection. Four of the skins are Epic, one is Mythic, and the rest are Legendary.

1. Suzaku (Mythic Valkyrie Heirloom)

Suzaku Valkyrie Heirloom
Screenshot by Radiant G

2. Unsung (Legendary Hemlok skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

3. Heaven Piercer (Legendary C.A.R. skin)

Heaven Piercer
Screenshot by Radiant G

4. Supreme Lethal (Legendary Longbow skin)

Supreme Lethal
Screenshot by Radiant G

5. Underwater Love (Epic Mastiff skin)

Underwater Love
Screenshot by Radiant G

6. Tip the Scales (Epic R-99 skin)

Tip the Scales
Screenshot by Radiant G

7. Widow Wing (Legendary Bocek skin)

Widow Wing
Screenshot by Radiant G

8. Black Rain (Legendary Rampage skin)

Black Rain
Screenshot by Radiant G

9. Reptilian Fury (Legendary Havoc skin)

Reptilian Fury
Screenshot by Radiant G

10. Hardball (Legendary Peacekeeper skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

11. Core Sponsor (Epic L-STAR skin)

Core Sponsor
Screenshot by Radiant G

12. Brood Buster (Epic Prowler skin)

Brood Buster
Screenshot by Radiant G

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Obtaining Awakening Weapon Skins

Suzaku requirements Apex Legends
Screenshot by Radiant G

There are a few different ways to obtain the skins on this list. Some methods are tied to specific skins, while others are most flexible in terms of what skins you can get.

  • Obtain all 24 Awakening Collection Event items (Valkyrie Heirloom*)
  • Spend 700 Apex Coins (One Event Pack, may or may not have a weapon skin inside)
  • Reach 3,500 or 5,000 points on the Awakening Prize Tracker (Havoc or Bocek)
  • Spend 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals (Legendary skins)
  • Spend 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals (Epic skins)

*Note: Valkyrie’s Heirloom will also be available in the Mythic store for 150 Heirloom Shards after the event ends.

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