Best weapon skins in the Gaiden Event – Apex Legends

Have the power of bullets and anime on your side.

Defeat your enemies like an anime protagonist with the Apex Legends Gaiden Event weapons skins and the power of friendship (…actually, it’s more so violent combat, but who’s keeping track?). There are only five anime-inspired weapon skins for this thematic event, but nevertheless, the skins are quirky, creative, and add an extra flash of anime style to your first-person view. Here is every weapon skin in the Gaiden Event, ordered from best to worst.

Gaiden Event Weapon Skins

Four of the weapon skins are from the main thematic addition to the loot pool, and one on the Week 1 Prize Tracker. The four skins from the 40 cosmetic set are all Legendary rarity, while the Prize Tracker 30-30 skin is Epic-tier. Let’s take a look.

1. Cardinal Force (Legendary Wingman skin)

Cardinal Force
Screenshot by Radiant G

2. Blunderbuss (Legendary EVA-8 skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

3. Revelations (Legendary Flatline skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

4. Oak Thump (Legendary Charge Rifle skin)

Oak Thump
Screenshot by Radiant G

5. Cloudburst (Epic Mastiff skin)

Screenshot by Radiant G

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Obtaining Gaiden Weapon Skins

Oak Thump weapon skins Bundle
Screenshot by Radiant G

Thematic Events are different from Collection Events in terms of exclusivity, as the cosmetics are not a limited-time offer (except the 30-30 skin, which is limited-time only). Here are a few different ways to get these skins. Some methods are tied to specific skins, while others are most flexible in terms of what skins you can get.

  • Spend 400 Apex Coins (One Event Pack, may or may not have a Weapon skin inside)
  • Reach 2,000 points on the Gaiden Prize Tracker Week 1 (30-30)
  • Buy the 5 Event Pack bundle in the Special Offer store (Charge Rifle)
  • Spend 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals (Legendary skins)
  • Spend 1,000 Apex Coins 800 Crafting Metals (Epic skins)
  • Open any Apex Pack (Small chance, but these skins are added to the regular loot pool)

Note that one year later, the crafting prices for these event items will reduce by half. The Gaiden Event is live in Apex Legends from July 19 to August 2.

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