Brassius Gym Battle: All of the Pokemon and Weaknesses

Mow down the Grass-type Gym leader by prepping beforehand!

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers can take on eight Gym Leaders for a chance to earn their badges. Once you have all eight, you can take on the Pokemon League. If you’re following the beaten path, the Brassius Grass Gym is near your journey’s start. Find out how to best this battle-hardened trainer by learning his team, levels, and weaknesses.

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The Grass-Type Gym Test

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet grass type gym test sunflora hunt
Screenshot by Radiant G

Before taking on Brassius’s team in the Grass-type Gym, you’ll need to complete another Gym Test. This time you must Seek out the Sunflora in Artazon. Keep running around the test area hunting for the little guys until you have a complete set. After you get them all, you’ll pass the test, though you still have the Gym Battle waiting.

The Brassius Gym Team

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Brassius gym battle
Screenshot by Radiant G

Once you’ve beaten the Gym challenge, it’s time to take on Brassius. The Grass-type gym leader has three Pokemon ready for this fight, and his final Pokemon can also Terastallize. We also suggest saving your Terastallize transformation for the final phase of this battle.

Petilil (Lvl 16)

Pokemon Petilil Grass type brassius gym
Image via The Pokémon Company
TypeWeaknessesStrong Against
GrassBug, Fire, Flying, Ice, PoisonElectric, Grass, Ground, Water

During your battle with Brassius, Petilil hits the stage first, and as a Grass-type Pokemon, it has five key weaknesses to target. If you’ve got any attacks that hone in on Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, or Poison, we recommend using them here for a quick finish.

Smoliv (Lvl 16)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brassius gym battle smoliv
Image via Bulbapedia
TypeWeaknessesStrong Against
Grass/NormalFire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Flying, BugElectric, Ghost, Grass, Rock, Water

Next up is Smoliv, a Grass/Normal type and the first in the series with this combination. Though it has a unique type combo, this opens it up to another weakness: Fighting-type moves. Toss out any party member who knows this variety’s abilities to help you cook this olive.

Sudowoodo—Tera Type Grass (Lvl 17)

Pokemon Sudowoodo Brassius gym
Image via The Pokémon Company

Type Before Terastallizing

TypeWeaknessesStrong Against
RockWater, Steel, Grass, Fighting, GroundNormal, Fire, Flying, Poison

At the start of your fight with Brassius, you’ll face Sudowoodo in its original Rock form. Here, your best bet is to use one of its five weaknesses. After you take its health down, you’ll have to face its second form.

Type After Terastallizing

TypeWeaknessesStrong Against
GrassBug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison Electric, Grass, Ground, Water

Once Sudowoodo Terastallizes, it changes from a Rock-type to a Grass-type. After changing, it also gets each weakness of this type, so switch your approach and try one of the Grass weaknesses like Poison or Fire. Whatever you use doesn’t matter so long as you take Brassius down.

When you beat the Grass Gym Leader, he’ll reward you with TM 020: Trailblaze and Grass-type Gym Badge.

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