Catalyst – ultimate, tactical, and passive abilities in Apex Legends

Hear that bell? It's the witching hour.

Tressa Crystal Smith, aka Catalyst, blurs the lines between magic and science in Apex Legends. Catalyst debuted for Season 15: Eclipse, making her the 23rd Legend to join the Apex Games. She is also the 9th canonically queer Legend introduced to the game. Catalyst is fighting for Boreas, and even more so, Boreas’ moon, Cleo. This is the location of the fifth Battle Royale map, Broken Moon, in Apex Legends.

Catalyst – All Legend Abilities

Catalyst’s abilities mostly center around ferrofluid, and her ability to manipulate it.

Ultimate: Dark Veil

Dark Veil (Catalyst Ultimate)
Screenshot via Respawn

Catalyst’s ultimate allows her to raise a wall of ferrofluid. While it is permeable, it blocks the vision and slows down enemies who walk through it. The screen will appear mostly black, with only some of the environment and people around you showing in a dim grayscale. There is light flickering of these elements coming through the darkness.

Tactical: Piercing Spikes

Piercing Spikes (Catalyst Tactical)
Screenshot via Respawn

Catalyst can conjure and throw down a patch of ferrofluid, which turns into damaging spikes when enemies are near or on it. Catalyst is immune to these spikes, even if thrown down by an enemy Catalyst, similar to Caustic and his gas.

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Passive: Barricade

Barricade (Catalyst Passive)
Screenshot via Respawn

Catalyst’s passive allows her to reinforce doors. This will strength the door and lock them so enemies cannot get through. She can also reinforce doorways where doors use to be if the door has already been destroyed.

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