Conduit – ultimate, tactical, and passive abilities in Apex Legends

She calls that strength "Pag-asa". Hope.

Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina, aka Conduit, joined the Apex Games in Season 19: Ignite of Apex Legends. This pioneer of electrical Titan technology debuted as the 6th Support Legend in the game, as well as the 25th Legend overall. Conduit is from Nexus and is fighting for her family after tragedy struck her older sister, Niwa. Let’s take a look at all of Conduit’s abilities in Apex Legends.

Conduit – All Legend Abilities

Conduit’s ability set revolves around electricity and the power for a Titan battery.

Ultimate: Energy Barricade

Conduit Ultimate Ability Energy Barricade
Screenshot via Respawn

Set up an Energy Barricade with an array of electrical devices that jam enemies’ shields, causing them to slow down and take damage.

Tactical: Radiant Transfer

Conduit Tactical Ability Radiant Transfer
Screenshot via Respawn

You and a teammate receive a surge of energy that provides temporary shields for both players.

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Passive: Savior’s Speed

Conduit Passive Ability Savior's Speed
Screenshot via Respawn

If you are out of range for you Radiant Transfer Tactical, you will gain a speed boost while running towards one of your teammates.

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