Cuphead: All of the Trophies and Achievements

Good day for an Achievement hunt! Wallop!

Cuphead is one of the most brutal platformers out. While many would be happy to see the end credits, others may want more. If you’re an achievement hunter, Cuphead will make you work for that 100%. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before committing to a hunt of the game’s optional objectives.

There are 43 Trophies and Achievements in Cuphead, including those introduced in The Delicious Last Course. Check out the list below for each one and how to get them. We’ve marked DLC Trophies/Achievements with a *.

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Cuphead Trophy/Achievement List

Cuphead Ms Chalice Capture
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Grand UproarObtain all other Trophies/Achievements
Taking NamesDefeat a boss
A Walk in the ParkDefeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I
A Day at the FairDefeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II
A Trip DowntownDefeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III
Casino NightComplete the Casino
Swing You SinnerDefeat the Devil
Souls SavedComplete the game on Normal
Beat The Devil At His Own GameComplete the game on Expert
SheriffObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I
BossObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II
KingObtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III
Put On a ShowGet an S-Rank
Magician LordObtain all Super Arts
Butter-and-Egg ManBuy Everything in Porkrind’s Shop
Coffers FullGet every coin in all of the levels
High RollerGet every coin in the game
Parry PersistanceComplete 20 parries
Parry PerformanceComplete 100 parries
PacifistComplete all levels without killing an enemy
Perfect RunComplete a level without getting hit
Porcelain PowerDefeat a boss with a Super Art
Ceramic StrikeDefeat a boss with an Extra Special move
Rolling SixesDefeat King Dice without taking a hit
Bravo Zulu P-26Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets
Cutting CornersFind a shortcut
Bouncing BallParry five times before hitting the ground
Selling OutGive in to the Devil
Ranger*Obtain an A-Rank or Higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle IV
A Vacation in the Wilds*Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle IV
Ranger*Obtain an A-Rank or Higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle IV
Alive and Kicking*Defeat a boss with Ms. Chalice
Decadent*Defeat 10 bosses with Ms. Chalice
The Golden Touch*Defeat a boss with one of Ms. Chalice’s Super Arts
The Latest Sensation*Defeat a boss with one of Porkrin’s new weapons
Checkmate*Defeat all of the King of Game’s Champions
A King’s Admiration*Defeat the King’s Gauntlet
Compliments to the Chef*Complete your quest on Inkwell Isle IV
Cooked to Perfection*Get an S-Rank on a stage of Inkwell Isle IV
The High Hat*Defeat a boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of its minions
Hearty*Have 9HP at one time
A Horrible Night To Have a Curse*Survive the Nightmare
Paladin*Obtain great power

Cuphead and The Delicious Last Course DLC saw stellar reviews from fans and critics. It’s a challenging platformer where players fight a boss gauntlet.

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